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More than 15 of the top cat names—including Luna, Bella, Lucy, and Lily—were also listed as the most popular dog names for this year. In either case, your cat should have a funny female name. Depending on your cat’s temperament, you should be able to find a cute name for her. Drop “black.” Perfect name! Lucy. Chloe. The Best Last-Minute Christmas Gifts to Buy, A Definitive List of All the Best Christmas Movies, 16 Virtual Gift Ideas You Can Send From Afar, Stay Organized in 2021 With These Cute Planners, How to Adopt a Cat: What You Need to Know, Spoil Your Pets With These Pawsome Holiday Gifts, This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses. Sure, your feline friend will have many nicknames like pusspuss, meowface, purriega, kittycat, kitcat, furface, I could go on and on. Luna. From music to movies, these playful ideas are sure to make your friends and family smile. Pick a Cat Name from A to Z. Here is our separate article for the full list of black and white cat names. For instance, “Claudia” becomes “Clawdia.” It’s not that hard! Bella. Cricket. These include temperament, mannerisms, her funny doings, appearance or even to honor a family member or historical figure. Cordelia. Some people like to give little boys and girls cute pet names, so if you’re looking for adorable cat names for girls, you’ll have plenty to choose from this list. Bella. Your new cat needs a name, an identity, a signature moniker. That upturned, little nose and huge eyes scream “I’m cute!” She may keep that kitten-like face into her adult years. While it’s a big responsibility, selecting her name can be fun and the possibilities are endless. Adsila (Cherokee for "blossom") Altantsetseg (all-tan-seht-sig - Mongolian for "flower") If you’re bringing a sweet kitten into your heart and home, give her a name that’s as adorable as she is. Search through our list of cat names by category to find the perfect name for your kitten. Using our site is simple. Let these enticing monikers whet your naming appetite. If you prefer to think about women in history, choose someone you admire and give that name to your furry girl. Maybe choose the name of a bird with black feathers (just not crow). Take a girl’s name and change its spelling with just one letter. Look to the arts for inspiration. Top 80 Best Female White Cat Names. Maybe you’re the one who likes to have fun. Lola. If your cat has a delicate appearance, you’ll need to choose her name using how she looks. Naming your cat is an important job. You and your kitten will love these unique and fun ideas. The list is divided into unisex cute cat names, cute female cat names and cute male cat names. If you prefer choosing one of the most common names, then choose from this list of popular girl kitten names. Here are some of our top choice strong girl cat names. Maybe her personality tells you she’s cool. Animal adoption advocate. Sophie. in Cats. If your cat has a delicate appearance, you’ll need to choose her name using how she looks. We're all about honesty here. Think about it, this will be the forever moniker for your beloved feline. 10 Most FAQs Answered, Male vs Female Cats - Their Differences And Similarities, 222 Black and White Cat Names For Your Unique Kitty…. Female Black Cat Names. Cuddles. However, keep in mind that first impressions matter. Or you’ve already had a few laughs from something your girl has done. Murdered her husband and was placed on an island by her father, where she waylaid Odysseus for a year. As you get more name ideas and meanings, you’ll be able to narrow down the top choice. If you've recently adopted a cat, know that choosing a name that suits your kitty is serious business. Lily. BUT, that little whiskerface needs a real name too - here are the top 100 girl cat and 100 boy cat names brought to you by Your kitty will be in good company on the popularity list. Naming your cat can be a quite difficult and daunting task. Here are 100 adorable, sweet, lovely, delightful, charming and cute names for fuzzy felines. Adina. Related: Check out our list of funny cat names. See if you think they fit her. 30 Best Male Grey and White Cat Names. Here is a compiled list of the best, funny, and famous tandem names you can give to … Cute Girl Cat Names. Or she’s female, but lets you know she’s strong. As she jumps on you or your furniture, you barely feel it when she lands. Look no further than these creative options to tickle your fancy. Chloe: One of the most popular girl kitten names in the United States. Zoe. We may earn commission from links on this page, but we only recommend products we back. To create the list we have looked the all of the names of the cats that have been helped by Blue Cross, from our rehoming centres to our veterinary hospitals. You’ll find one! Evasive or elusive cats: Do you have a female cat that loves to hide, or has a way of sneaking around unobserved. Look at her face. Top 10 Orange Cat Names for Your New Ginger Tabby- CatVills - […] Related:Top 75 Funniest Cat Names Ever […] The Top 20 Adventurous Cat Names for Males & Females - CatVills - […] people like to choose cat names that are funny, whereas … Examples of How to Choose a Female Cat Name. For part two to this article on unique female cat names, visit Female Kitten Names N - Z. Self-educated pet care nerd. Cupcake. With that dark fur and those intense eyes, they suggest “mystery.” Just the black fur on your sweet baby suggests so many names! These names were compiled from’s list of the 100 most popular cat names and a Nationwide Pet Insurance policyholder survey – and all are perfect for female cats. She may be gentle and quiet. Take your time finding the perfect name. Your new kitten is female. Ginger cat names for females can be trickier to think up, as orange female cats are rare. in Cats. Callie. Muffin. She’ll wear it for up to twenty years. There's something very feminine about flowers, and many of their names work equally well as kitten names. Enjoy, and we hope you find the right name for your cute little feline! Cotton. ; Evil and playful cats: Your furry friend may be playful or plain evil. You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at, 42 Rescue Dogs Before and After Their Adoption, 10 Fun Dog Subscription Boxes They'll Love, 100 Boy Cat Names That Are the Pick of the Litter, 15 Best Homemade Dog Treats to Pamper Your Pup. Loves a good book (about animals) and playing the piano. . 35 Male Odd Cat Names. Nala. Bella. Your kitty will be in good company on the popularity list. Now, that’s strong! From the most popular to food-inspired, these best girl cat names are sure to get the wheels turning in your head. If you're ready to name your new feline, gather … But they are not impossible to find, and neither are their names. It’s perfectly fine to choose a name that fits a whole other breed, too! Use her color, of course! in Cats. Daphne: A sweetly, fragrant shrub of Southern gardens, just right for a Southern belle. Black cats can easily wear the name of their black cousins as well. Eventually, you’ll find the perfect name that describes your female cat, She’ll love her name! Deciding on names for cats and names for kittens often isn’t easy. Munchkin. Male Cute Cat Names. Every cat has its own unique style and personality, and its name has to reflect that. To make the task of choosing a unique name for your female cat easier, we've compiled a shortlist of 100 names that you can browse for inspiration. Although we’ve come up with 100 ideas, we’re just scratching the surface! A Angel; B. You can honor your tom with one of these male cute cat names, or give them to a girl kitty instead. Is your cat a furry beauty? Plus, some of these names are up 100%, according to — we see you Lizzo! Again, you can think of the names of gems or semi-precious stones to use as her name. That upturned, little nose and huge eyes scream “I’m cute!” She may keep that kitten-like face into her adult years. Lily. This is especially true if you’re someone who wants to make a lasting impression on your friends and family who meet your cat. Whether it's a short, snappy name that you can easily shout at dinner time, a cool reference to a great historical figure or a long, full name with a fancy prefix, we'll find the right cat … She may have the softest, shiniest coat you’ve ever seen. Want your favorite feline to stand out? Orange Girl Cat Names Based on Other Animals Consider animal names—Tiger might seem obvious (and yes, Tiger is a perfectly acceptable girl cat name! Best Cat Breeds: The Most Popular for 2020, 500 Awesome Unisex Cat Names For Your Cat 2020, Most Fabulous Gray Cat Breeds And Their Characteristics, Can Cats Eat Mango? Cora. Ariel, Ursula, and Jessie give a nod to childhood nostalgia. Top 50 Popular Girl Cat Names 2020. 125+ Good Orange Cat Name Ideas. Circe – Greek bad girl. Try out a few of the following names, and see if you find the perfect fit for your kitten. Cute & Funny Stoner Cat Names (For Boys & Girls!) Good Housekeeping participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may get paid commissions on editorially chosen products purchased through our links to retailer sites. Maybe your little girl has an unusually large meow. Lucy. 100 Boy Cat Names That Are the Pick of the Litter. We think that names like Cleo, Luna, and Loki seem fitting for a cat’s playful but mysterious nature, while … That may give you some clues. Whether it’s something unique, traditional or totally bizarre, one of these 275 female cat names will be a match to your feline’s personality. Many people adopt pairs of kittens and puppies with the idea that multiple pets will keep one another company while their human companions are off at school or work. Does your cool girl have “catitude?” Then she has to have a cool name that has a lot of attitude behind it. You want her name to encourage people to scratch her under the chin. Most Popular Girl Cat Names. If your girl cat has kind of a ditzy personality, she needs a name that suggests her goofiness. Next article Maine Coon Cat Names: 180 Best Names for Maine Coons; Show Comments. Maybe her little face is the cutest you’ve ever seen. Luna. Gemstones are great as cat names because they all have meanings you can match up with your cat’s personality and their colors can speak to hair or eye color. Callie. Bree; Carla; Delia; Electra; Freya; Gesa; Hera; Hester; Isa; Isis; Kaplan; Matilda; Maya; Millie; Mystique; Olympia; Osa; Pistol; Racer; Sega; Spike; Steel; Venus; Viking; Wicca; Xena; Zora; Girl Cat Names By Color. Her name has to suggest. Enjoy! We also noticed Disney character names like Nala and Jasmine were popular this year, possibly because both the live-action versions of The Lion King ($22.96, Walmart) and Aladdin ($34.99, Target) were released. Through the use of magical potions she transformed her enemies, and those who offended her, into animals. Get started looking! Her appearance may demand a special name. Pick your style and we’ll generate a list of awesome options. By “cool,” your cat could be one of those dignified cats that approaches you only when she wants. These female names ranked the highest in 2019, according to The Most Popular Female Cat Names. Mopsy. Or choose a name that suggests “darkening.”. Naming your little girl kitty is a fun job - choose wisely and share your cute kitten pictures and story so we can post them here and on our Facebook page for everyone to enjoy. 30 Best Female Grey and White Cat Names. Your female cat is beautiful, but she is strong! Top girl cat names We have put together a top 10 list of the most popular girl cat names! Baby; Bella; C. Chanel Chloe; Cleo; Coco; D. Daisy; F. Fluffy; G. Ginger; J. Jasmine; K. Kitty; L. Lily; Lucky; Lucy Calico; Catwoman; Claws; Feline; Fluffikins; Frisky; Furrball; Fuzzie; Kitty; Huntress Rather than using a color, use the time of day (or night, as the case may be). She may have many of the qualities of a girl. Personal preferences usually play a role when choosing cat names or kitten names. Find a name that describes her fur! Unique cat names from wild cats. Copper. You should be able to find several names here. no, scream out “strength.” The name you eventually choose should fit, not only her appearance, but her physical or mental strength. Because cats are one of the cutest creatures, why not choose endearing girl cat names for your female friends? Try a few of your favorite choices out on your cool customer. Want to make your loved ones laugh, tell them that you blessed your kitty with one of these hilarious, fun-loving names. Kitty. Even the biggest tom cat usually turns into a cuddly baby when there’s a warm lap or a packet of Dreamies at stake. September 17, 2019 By Johnny Salib 2 Comments. Make a play on names. 10 Best Dog Beds of … Charming cat names for girls; more than 1100 imaginative names for girl cats. Or use names from children’s movies. Circe was renowned for her vast knowledge of drugs and herbs. Mouse. If your cat gave birth to 2 kittens or twins, then this is the best place for you to pick their names. | Powered by WordPress. 100 Boy Cat Names Choose a funny cat name by using verbs. There are nearly 40 types of wild cats on the planet, and each one has a unique scientific name. Your kitten has probably given you an idea of her personality already. Choose a … Try out a few of these ones and see how she responds. If your cat allows strangers to touch and pet her, you should pick a name that says “I’m approachable.” Even though she’s cool, she wants human contact. Chose a female mythological name or the name of a metal. Buy a baby name book and look through the entries for baby girls. . Or her features may mature as she grows. In some cases, paired pets are expected to mate. 100 Girl Cat Names That Are Just So Cute. To start out, pick the style (or styles) of cat names that you like. And you are finding for perfect female cat names. Black cats are da bomb! Cleopatra: Perfect for the queen of the Nile (or the queen of your living room ). is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Kitty. Use a play on phrases. Copyright 2020 by   -  Designed by Thrive Themes Black female cats deserve the best girl-cat names. You have several options in choosing. 100 Girl Dog Names for Your Brand-New Pup, 100+ Unique Dog Names for Every Kind of Pup, 100 Boy Dog Names That Are as Charming and Special. I love the name Onca (the species name for a jaguar) for a frisky spotted kitten, and Pardalis (an ocelot) for a sophisticated older cat. Or her features may mature as she grows. Cat names are often based on a cat’s personality. 1. A huge animal lover, born and raised around dogs, cats, chickens... Here at AnimalWised we have the best tips to care for your new cat - and, of course, the best information on how to name her. Cat names that are friendly, tough, funny, cute, geeky and more! Use that baby name book (or e-reader) and look for the meanings of the names you’re considering. ; Disney character names are always a hit, especially with young kids. Gracie. Most of the time, though, pets are just pals … These female names ranked the highest in 2019, according to 15 Best Dog Harnesses on the Market. Maybe your cat just has a funny personality. Please share these unique girl cat names with other cat owners. Karla Pope is a longtime writer, editor and lifestyle blogger who enjoys exploring New York City with her two young children. Amazon, the Amazon logo, AmazonSupply, and the AmazonSupply logo are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates. If you are eagerly awaiting your ginger kitty, then check out these tiger cat names – female! A great way to get inspired with naming your cat is to look at her beautiful furry coat. Or, think of the names of flowers. You May Also Like. Girl Cat Names from Myth and Legend. ), but other animals can serve as inspiration for your orange girl cat’s name: You want it to be good, right? Mittens Mocha Molly Moon. Chloe. Cookie. We promise not to share your information. Great names for sneaky cats can include Shadow or Casperina; you can even use names of famous sneaky cats like Mrs. Norris from the Harry Potter Series. Lucy. Choose a name that’s obviously “girly.” Or choose a name that could fit either girls or boys. In order to determine exactly which names were the most popular, we consulted a variety of sources – the Cat Fanciers Association, which keeps the world’s largest registry of pedigreed cats, Nationwide Pet Insurance’s policyholder database, and’s list of the most frequently favorited names. Nala. Drop “black” and add another word: Black Magic. Unique names are good female cat names! Join our mailing list to receive the latest news and updates from our team. Whether she’s long-haired with striking gray eyes or hairless with large ears, make sure you land on a name that complements her appearance and seemingly fits her personality. Currently parent of three adopted cats and one small mutt. Why trust us? in Cats. Daisy. in Cats. Or, you can go back a couple centuries and pick some names that were popular at the beginning of the 20th century.

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