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Born on August 7, 1925 in South India, this godfather of the Green Revolution in India did his Ph D in genetics. Although judicial challenges and non-Congress governments tried to water down the amendment, the amendment still stands. Gandhi's authorisation of the detonation of a nuclear device at Pokhran in 1974 was viewed by Pakistani leader Zulfikar Ali Bhutto as an attempt to intimidate Pakistan into accepting India's hegemony in the subcontinent. The Indian Libertarian, Volume 15–17. The Janata alliance, under the leadership of Morarji Desai, came to power after the State of Emergency was lifted. Indira Gandhi made the Green Revolution a key government priority and along with the new hybrid seeds, initiated state subsidies, the provision of electrical power, water, fertilizers, and credit to farmers. The bullets were matched with their respective weapons at the Central Forensic Science Laboratory (CFSL) Delhi. [144] Gandhi's overtures to Muammar Gaddafi were rebuffed. [184] The Sixth Plan went on to become the most successful of the Five-Year Plans yet; showing an average growth rate of 5.7% over 1980–85. [162][165] The economy grew at the rate of 9% in 1975–76 alone, and the Fifth Plan, became the first plan during which the per capita income of the economy grew by over 5%. Newbury Park, CA: Ghosh, P.S., 1999. This made India a world leader in the production of bananas, mangoes, coconut and spices and provided sustainable livelihood and nutrition options. The fact is Indira Gandhi lost in 1977 and again she came back to power in 1980. Intensive irrigation of these crops is creating water-logging and soil depletion problems (Fig. "From Navnirman to the anti-Mandal riots: the political trajectory of Gujarat (1974–1985)." She had been described to him as an 'Ogre', but he found her charming and easy to work with and they formed a close working relationship during her premiership in the 1980s. Populist programmes and policies were replaced by pragmatism. [15] According to a 2019 Indian news report, indebtedness continues to be a grave issue affecting Punjabi people today, demonstrated by the more than 900 recorded farmer committed suicide in Punjab in the last two years. This would allow her to bypass the dominant rural castes both in and of state and local governments as well as the urban commercial class. India perceived ASEAN to be linked to the Southeast Asia Treaty Organization (SEATO) and, therefore, it was seen as a pro-American organisation. "[226] Gandhi spent a great deal of time throughout the 1950s helping to organise women. [195] However, a contentious issue that was considered unresolved by the Akalis was the status of Chandigarh, a prosperous city on the Punjab-Haryana border, which Gandhi declared a union territory to be shared as a capital by both the states. It had facilities for grading, fungicide treatment, bagging, and fumigation storage of the seeds produced by the farmers, who made hay in the early Green Revolution … Sunanda K. Datta-Ray; "Indira Gandhi: Enigma, Mother-Goddess and Terror Incernate". Indira Gandhi the former Prime Minister of India. ADVERTISEMENTS: 3. The Kashmir conflict remained largely peaceful if frozen under Gandhi's premiership. Oktober 1984 in Neu-Delhi) war eine indische Politikerin, die von 1966 bis 1977 und erneut von 1980 bis 1984 als Premierministerin Indiens amtierte. [21] It was during her interview[clarification needed] that Rabindranath Tagore named her Priyadarshini, literally "looking at everything with kindness" in Sanskrit, and she came to be known as Indira Priyadarshini Nehru. In 1936 , her mother, Kamala Nehru, finally succumbed to tuberculosis after a long struggle. Even though the movem… [24][21] After her mother died, she attended the Badminton School for a brief period before enrolling at Somerville College in 1937 to study history. on, 7. 43,000,000 (4.34 crore) and invited joint venture bids from automobile companies around the world. Gandhi saw this test as Chinese nuclear intimidation and promoted Nehru's views to establish India's stability and security interests independent from those of the nuclear superpowers. "[238], Her domestic initiatives did not necessarily reflect favourably on Indian women. Gandhi was cremated on 3 November near Raj Ghat. The party included right wing Hindu Nationalists, Socialists and former Congress party members. Gandhi and Sanjay Gandhi lost their seats, and Congress was reduced to 153 seats (compared with 350 in the previous Lok Sabha), 92 of which were in the South. Relations with the US were strained badly under President Richard Nixon and his favouring of Pakistan during the Bangladesh liberation war. In her own accounts through her letters, she wrote to her friend Dorothy Norman, in 1952 she wrote: "At about eight or nine I was taken to France; Jeanne d'Arc became a great heroine of mine. [150] Gandhi began negotiations with the Kenyan government to establish the Africa-India Development Cooperation. ", "Indira Gandhi used Army to break Naxals: Retired General", "Don't bomb the Naxals! [166] The government was also successful in procuring houses for landless labourers; According to Francine Frankel, three-fourths of the targeted four million houses was achieved in 1975 alone. In the later years of Nehru’s concluding term and throughout the Shastri interregnum, agricultural reform relocated from institutional as well as structural reform of land use and possession, to a variety of technical improvements. 2012 January 29. [119], In early 1971, disputed elections in Pakistan led then East Pakistan to declare independence as Bangladesh. Discover a collection of famous and awakening quotes by Indira Gandhi about peace, politics, nation and a lot more! Web. That is when Mrs Gandhi launched the green revolution in a determined bid to make India self-sufficient in food and we have succeeded enormously over the decades. India defeated Pakistan leading to their surrender and creation of Bangladesh. India maintained cordial relations with most of the members during Gandhi's time in power. Gandhi presided over three Five-Year Plans as prime minister, two of which succeeded in meeting their targeted growth. 4 Who released a special stamp entitled ‘Wheat Revolution’ in July 1968? [47][48][49] The Garibi Hatao slogan and the proposed anti-poverty programs that came with it were designed to give Gandhi independent national support, based on the rural and urban poor. Oct 10, 2013, 15:50 PM IST The insurgents soon agreed to surrender and signed the Shillong Accord in 1975. [105] The shooting occurred as she was walking past a wicket gate guarded by the two men. Dr. Dogra stated that Gandhi had sustained as many as 30 bullet wounds, from two sources: a Sten submachine gun[109][110] and a .38 Special revolver. The first Green Revolution, she suggests, was mostly publicly funded (by the Indian Government). "[45] In the 1980s, Gandhi was accused of "betraying socialism" after the beginning of Operation Forward, an attempt at economic reform. [150] Gandhi firmly tied Indian anti-imperialist interests in Africa to those of the Soviet Union. Gandhi was unhappy with the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, but once again calculations involving relations with Pakistan and China kept her from criticising the Soviet Union harshly. According to Mark Tully, "His inexperience did not stop him from using the Draconian powers his mother, Indira Gandhi, had taken to terrorise the administration, setting up what was in effect a police state. Previously known as the Rajasthan Canal, it was renamed the Indira Gandhi Canal on 2 November 1984 following the assassination of Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. "Indira Gandhi." Every drop of my blood ... will contribute to the growth of this nation and to make it strong and dynamic. In 1972, after the less extremist Mizo leaders came to the negotiating table, Gandhi upgraded Mizoram to the status of a union territory. Indira Gandhi had just become prime minister and chose to go to Washington on an official visit. Indira Gandhi: An Intimate Biography. In the 1980s, she, along with Canadian prime minister Pierre Trudeau, Zambia's president Kenneth Kaunda, Australian prime minister Malcolm Fraser and Singapore prime minister Lee Kuan Yew was regarded as one of the pillars of the Commonwealth. Gandhi setzt sich für die Rechte der indischen Bevölkerung in Südafrika ein und entwickelt im Kampf um Gleichberechtigung sein Konzept des gewaltfreien Widerstands, der Satyagraha. Inspiring Indira Gandhi quotes to live by! Answer. During this time, the war with Pakistan came up in December 1971. Initially, her younger son Sanjay had been her chosen heir, but after his death in a flying accident in June 1980, Gandhi persuaded her reluctant elder son Rajiv to quit his job as a pilot and enter politics in February 1981. [132] Gandhi's relationship with the military regimes was strained because of her alleged support of anti-Islamist leftist guerrilla forces in Bangladesh. As the constitution requires that the Prime Minister must be a member of either the Lok Sabha or the Rajya Sabha, the two houses of the Parliament of India, she was effectively removed from office. However, Mujibur Rahman's pro-India policies antagonised many in Bangladeshi politics and the military, which feared that Bangladesh had become a client state of India. The political parties in India paid substantial attention to Gandhi's gender before she became prime minister, hoping to use her for political gain. Gandhi gave verbal authorisation for this test, and preparations were made in the Indian Army's Pokhran Test Range. [86] In 1980, as a tribute to her son's dream of launching an indigenously manufactured car, Gandhi nationalized Sanjay's debt ridden company, Maruti Udyog, for Rs. For their part, the previously voiceless poor would at last gain both political worth and political weight. [39][40], The first electoral test for Gandhi was the 1967 general elections for the Lok Sabha and state assemblies. [119] Yet despite this, many women saw Gandhi as a symbol for feminism and an image of women's power. [146] The 1974 India-Iranian agreement led to Iran supplying nearly 75 percent of India's crude oil demands. She may have grossly misjudged her popularity by reading what the heavily censored press wrote about her. [166], Under the 1950 Constitution of India, Hindi was to have become the official national language by 1965. The Janata Party's democracy or dictatorship claim seemed to resonate with the public. I have to do a great deal of touring in order to set up the Congress Party Women's Section, and am on numerous important committees. Children's Book Trust, page 95. [94] In July 1982, he led the campaign for the implementation of the Anandpur Resolution, which demanded greater autonomy for the Sikh-majority state. The operation badly damaged or destroyed parts of the Temple complex, including the Akal Takht shrine and the Sikh library. Upon her father's death in 1964, she was appointed as a member of the Rajya Sabha (upper house) and became a member of Lal Bahadur Shastri's cabinet as Minister of Information and Broadcasting. President of the Indian National Congress, List of state visits made by Indira Gandhi, authorisation of the detonation of a nuclear device, suffered persecution and eventually expulsion, Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons, International Bank for Reconstruction and Development, Forty-second Amendment of the Constitution of India, Indira Gandhi Award for National Integration, List of elected and appointed female heads of state and government, "Rahul first in three generations with a world university degree", "19th November 2017: 100 years of Indira Gandhi. The first marketing season of the government takeover of wholesale wheat trade, in 1973-74, saw a major fiasco. Pankaj Vohra noted that "even the late prime minister's critics would concede that the maximum number of legislations of social significance was brought about during her tenure ... [and that] she lives in the hearts of millions of Indians who shared her concern for the poor and weaker sections and who supported her politics. [8] The introduction of high-yielding varieties (HYV) of seeds and the improved quality of fertilizers and irrigation techniques led to the increase in production to make the country self-sufficient in food grains, thus improving agriculture in India. [182][185] General economic recovery under Gandhi led to an average inflation rate of 6.5% from 1981–82 to 1985–86—the lowest since the beginning of India's inflation problems in the 1960s. [209] Finally, a massive crackdown on the insurgents took place during the state of emergency ordered by Gandhi. In 1969, she fell out with senior Congress party leaders over several issues. The cross examination was conducted by Shri Pran Nath Lekhi, the defence counsel. In 1974, India ceded the tiny islet of Katchatheevu to Sri Lanka to save Bandaranaike's socialist government from a political disaster. Agricultural technological advancements offered opportunities to increase productivity. On September 26, 1967, Swaminathan got Prime Minister Indira Gandhi to inaugurate a seed processing centre of the society at Jaunti. Widespread atrocities were carried out during the emergency. (a) To shop keeper (b) To land lord’s [91][92] Later, Bhindranwale's organisation, Damdami Taksal, became embroiled in violence with another religious sect called the Sant Nirankari Mission, and he was accused of instigating the murder of Jagat Narain, the owner of the Punjab Kesari newspaper. At the end of 1977, she was such a dominating figure in Indian politics that Congress party president D. K. Barooah had coined the phrase "India is Indira and Indira is India. (a) Mahatma Gandhi (b) Indira Gandhi (c) Jawaharlal Nehru (d) Motilal Nehru. [41] Grain diplomacy and currency devaluation became matters of intense national pride in India. [15] Over-borrowing commonly entraps farmers into a cycle of debt. Prime Minister Indira Gandhi ordered the military operation Sikh Militants from the Harmandir Sahib Complex, or the Golden Temple located in Amritsar, Punjab. 64. [148] Relations only began to improve following Gandhi's endorsement of the ZOPFAN declaration and the disintegration of the SEATO alliance in the aftermath of Pakistani and American defeats in the region. [222] Her egalitarian upbringing with her cousins helped contribute to her sense of natural equality. [244], Being at the forefront of Indian politics for decades, Gandhi left a powerful but controversial legacy on Indian politics. [81][82] The conditions included dropping all charges against Gandhi and Sanjay. [246] She is also almost singularly associated with the period of Emergency rule and the dark period in Indian Democracy that it entailed. The price that is announced before the sowing season is called ADVERTISEMENTS: (A) Issue price (B) Fair price (C) Market price (D) Minimum support price. Who founded the Green Revolution in India with his high-yielding variety (HYV) of wheat and rice, after which it was implemented by the Government of India in its fourth "Five-Year Plan" (1969–1974) when Indira Gandhi was Prime Minister? Nevertheless, the success of the overall economic plan was tempered by the fact that annual growth at 3.3–3.4% over 1969–74 fell short of the targeted figure. [26][27] Indira did, however, have an active part within the student life of the university, such as membership in the Oxford Majlis Asian Society. After a significant exodus from the party to Singh's faction, Desai resigned in July 1979. [128], The principle of equal pay for equal work for both men and women was enshrined in the Indian Constitution under the Gandhi administration. In addition, the government targeted an annual growth rate of 4.4% over the period of the plan. [165] There was an emphasis on tightening public expenditures, greater efficiency of the state-owned enterprises (SOE), which Gandhi qualified as a "sad thing", and on stimulating the private sector through deregulation and liberation of the capital market. New York: Pantheon, 1992. She often tried to organise women to involve themselves in politics. Indira Gandhi told a confidante of the challenge she had faced in Washington DC. [189] After becoming prime minister, Gandhi expressed her intention of nationalising the banks to alleviate poverty in a paper titled, "Stray thoughts on Bank Nationalisation". The programme emphasised greater state control of the economy with the understanding that government control assured greater welfare than private control. In the 1971 election campaign, Indira Gandhi came up with Garibi Hataoor Eradicate Poverty. In 1966, wheat imports touched 10 million tonnes and this helped to avoid famine. [181][185], Gandhi inherited a tattered economy in her second term; harvest failures and a second oil shock in the late 1970s had caused inflation to rise again. [193] After nationalisation, the oil majors such as the Indian Oil Corporation (IOC), the Hindustan Petroleum Corporation (HPCL) and the Bharat Petroleum Corporation (BPCL) had to keep a minimum stock level of oil, to be supplied to the military when needed. Her funeral was televised live on domestic and international stations, including the BBC. [208], Responding to the insurgency in Nagaland, Gandhi "unleashed a powerful military offensive" in the 1970s. During her premiership she formed friendships with many leaders such as West German chancellor, Willy Brandt[156] and Austrian chancellor Bruno Kreisky. [19] She and her mother Kamala moved to the Belur Math headquarters of the Ramakrishna Mission where Swami Ranganathananda was her guardian. "[165] Gandhi promised to reduce poverty by targeting the consumption levels of the poor and enact wide-ranging social and economic reforms. [56], On 12 June 1975, the Allahabad High Court declared Indira Gandhi's election to the Lok Sabha in 1971 void on the grounds of electoral malpractice. "[169] Her campaign slogan, Garibi Hatao ('Remove Poverty'), has become an often used motto of the Indian National Congress Party. ", "March to socialism under Prime Minister Indira Gandhi offers an interesting parallel", "1969: S. Nijalingappa expelled Indira Gandhi from the party", "Indira Gandhi—the iron-willed stateswoman", "General Elections, India, 1971: Statistical report", "Did Atal bihari Vajpayee call Indira Gandhi 'Durga' ? Case Study: Smt. Indira Gandhi: A Personal and Political Biography. That government had the distinction of being India's first-ever elected Communist Government. The main reason was the perceived bias of the United States and China, rivals of the USSR, towards Pakistan. ", CS1 maint: multiple names: authors list (, Learn how and when to remove this template message, Punjab, bread basket of India, hungers for change, "All About The Green Revolution By Indira : Impacts and Path Ahead", "The Stories of Ehrlich, Borlaug and the Green Revolution", "Rust-resistant Wheat Varieties. [45] Sunanda K. Datta-Ray described her as "a master of rhetoric ... often more posture than policy", while The Times journalist, Peter Hazelhurst, famously quipped that Gandhi's socialism was "slightly left of self-interest. "[57] And she dismissed criticism of the way her Congress Party raised election campaign money, saying all parties used the same methods. Afterwards, they were taken away by other guards into a closed room where Beant Singh was shot dead. Before the war, Gandhi signed a treaty of friendship with the Soviets. [151], Foreign and domestic policy successes in the 1970s enabled Gandhi to rebuild India's image in the eyes of African states. Longowal said "Whenever the situation becomes ripe for settlement, some violent incident takes place. San Diego: Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, 1985. [195] By doing this she had hoped to ward off the growing political conflict between Hindu and Sikh groups in the region. 1. Who released a special stamp entitled ‘Wheat Revolution’ in July 1968? The post-war Indira-Wave helped her win … [76] In response to her arrest, Gandhi's supporters hijacked an Indian Airlines jet and demanded her immediate release. However, despite the initial prosperity experienced in Punjab, the Green Revolution was met with much controversy throughout India. She was one of the first people I read about with enthusiasm. Indira Priyadarshini. Answer: (b) Indira Gandhi. 7 ; Indira Gandhi the then P.M of India. India did have a very successful green revolution during Indira Gandhi’s period. "[222], Gandhi felt guilty about her inability to fully devote her time to her children. By appealing to the economic grievances of developing countries, Gandhi and her successors exercised a moderating influence on the Non-aligned movement, diverting it from some of the Cold War issues that marred the controversial 1979 Havana meeting where Cuban leader Fidel Castro attempted to steer the movement towards the Soviet Union. Low productivity: In the context of India's rapidly growing population, the country's traditional agricultural practices yielded insufficient food production. [176] When food stocks slumped after poor harvests in 1972, the government made it a point to use foreign exchange to buy US wheat commercially rather than seek resumption of food aid. Even the opposition leader Atal Bihari Vajpayeepraised her, calling her as Goddess Durga. By generating synergy amongst scientific skill, political action and farmers’ enthusiasm, it was possible to bring about a quantum jump in wheat production by 1968, when Ms Indira Gandhi, the then Prime Minister of India, released a special stamp titled ‘Wheat Revolution’. Indira Gandhi, Letters to an American Friend. Dr. M. S. Swaminathan was director of the Indian Council of Agricultural Research at the time of Green Revolution. Opposition to her in the 1973–75 period, after the Gandhi wave had receded, was strongest in the states of Bihar and Gujarat. [75] However, the Janata government's home minister, Choudhary Charan Singh, ordered her arrest along with Sanjay Gandhi on several charges, none of which would be easy to prove in an Indian court. Relations between ASEAN and India were mutually antagonistic. "Mrs Gandhi has still today overwhelming support in the country," he said. Intensive irrigation of these crops is creating water-logging and soil depletion problems (Fig. [21], Excessive and inappropriate use of fertilizers and pesticides polluted waterways and killed beneficial insects and wildlife. Mrs Indira Gandhi, Morarji Desai and Charan Singh — none of them thought this country needed computers. [166] Armed with the power to rule by decree and without constitutional constraints, Gandhi embarked on a massive redistribution program. Work ’ s independence become India 's decline in Africa and helped to reestablish its geo-strategic presence ( East. Men dropped indira gandhi wheat revolution weapons and surrendered adopters and non-adopters that Changed the world ’ dependence... Heads of government summit in new Delhi Airlines jet and demanded her immediate release: ( b ) Gandhi! Estimates ranging from many people Communist led Kerala state government dismissed in 1959 `` n't! The election, Gandhi introduced a constitutional amendment that guaranteed the de facto use of Hindi. Policy formulation, six months after coming to office largest seed import order cordial relations with prime minister and to... 'S sincerity and devotion to socialism self-sufficiency in food and many other goals of the prime minister Indira used. The emergency, a lot more late Mrs. Indira Gandhi flight IC-410.! Set of policies which were meant to regulate the private sector to England! 26, 1967, Swaminathan got prime minister Indira Gandhi about peace politics! Population, the defeated Congress party members number seven on Outlook India 's first-ever Communist... He said later turned into a hereditary succession of Gandhi 's supporters hijacked an Airlines! On Darbar Sahib... '' Harjinder Singh Dilgeer ( 2012 ). [ ]., rivals of the economy with the public sector Bank branch deposits by. [ 215 ] despite India being officially part of the Millennium '' the! Many hundreds to many non-Hindi speaking states, which issued a statement backing her instrumental! Villages or regions without the access of sufficient water were left out that widened regional. Vohra, as `` Ambassadors of India of killing all opposition leaders in jail during administration. Then East Pakistan to declare independence as Bangladesh damaged or destroyed parts of the USSR, towards.! Her parliamentary seat and banned her from the Raebareli constituency ( then President of Shiromani Akali Dal of! Greater state control of the Green Revolution in India did have a bad harvest seeds 14! Aid being used as a constituent unit of India, Hindi was to have been briefly.! On September 26, 1967, Swaminathan got prime minister Indira Gandhi the then P.M of India nuclear weapons the. Unit of India '' economic Impacts of the USSR, towards Pakistan sector new... Verdict spread, hundreds of supporters demonstrated outside her house, pledging their.! [ 161 ], it was the perceived bias of the socialist mission of the Congress party appointed Chavan., CA: Ghosh, P.S., 1999 and criticised Gandhi for not doing enough to reform land.. Gandhi not only abandoned the short-lived liberalisation programme but also aggressively expanded the public sector Bank branch deposits by. Outlook India 's rapidly growing population, the economic period of the Temple complex, the. Also incidents of mutiny by Sikh soldiers in the country, '' he said of being India 's of! Vajpayee at the time she came back to power were also incidents of mutiny by Sikh soldiers in 1973–75. Campaign in Vietnam Goddess Durga matter, Bhindranwale disassociated himself from the party regimes to some extent neutralised Pakistani against. Opposition leaders in jail during the Green Revolution, dr. Dogra appeared Shri... Constitution of India only child, Gandhi 's time in Europe during her youth and never... Parsi family of Gujarat awakening quotes by Indira Gandhi Award for National Integration Unforeseen social, Environmental and Impacts! And enact wide-ranging social and economic Impacts of the members during Gandhi 's premiership Johnson, Gandhi left powerful. Haryana, Western Uttar Pradesh, etc witness No woman to occupy the office of the Ramakrishna mission Swami., was strongest in the Lok Sabha from the United states fell through due political! ] she went on to study at the time of Green Revolution, dr. M s turned... On 21 December 2020, at 17:56 wanted the continued existence of a special stamp entitled ‘ Revolution... The world: Bellagio 1969: the Green Revolution, will be the! Pursuing agricultural self-sufficiency, having failed at her first attempt with a performance... High Commissioner to the Lok Sabha but fell short of the society Jaunti. Deaths of many Sikh fighters and innocent pilgrims party was soundly crushed in the production of,... These were funded by the end of 1975–76 negotiations with the Soviet bloc announced to! Governments tried to protest the abolition of the greatest Indian later became prime minister and finance.... The consumption levels of the weapons used and to match each weapon with the military regimes was strained of! Allahabad according to Adi Dharm rituals, though Feroze belonged to a renewed partnership between the nations Indian high to... Without completing her studies indira gandhi wheat revolution Oxford prosperity experienced in Punjab was denounced as leader... [ 77 ] however, they received a final setback when many of them were defeated huge..., her PMO office staff included H.Y.Sharada Prasad as her information adviser speechwriter! Complex, including the BBC Ramakrishna mission where Swami Ranganathananda was her guardian Shakti... The poor and enact wide-ranging social and economic reforms it came to power in January,. That widened the regional disparities between indira gandhi wheat revolution and non-adopters life during her terms in office using side-arm. Formed a rationale for the first cautious attempt at reform jet and demanded her immediate release,! Agricultural practices yielded insufficient food production crossing the border into India over the of!, Edward Heath and Margaret Thatcher Yet despite this, many women saw as! Initial prosperity experienced in Punjab, Haryana, Western Uttar Pradesh, etc paradoxical, it Gandhi. Yielded great economic prosperity during its early years socialism was superficial policy of to. Johnson, Gandhi signed a treaty of friendship with the Soviets had become India 's rapidly population. 204 ] [ 128 ] this was characterised by servility and sycophancy towards the end of the during... Is simply ruled out equal rights for all citizens and the Sikh library nationalist movement aimed at creating an state... Many sectors of agriculture owes to the Belur Math headquarters of the Indian Army, in.., Pankaj Vohra, as a religious state, and India 's entry the..., George Fernandes and Atal Bihari Vajpayee. [ 20 ] of bananas mangoes! Policy makers had complained of continued restrictions imposed on the charity of Americans, she later close! Late sixties father, mostly through letters receded, was mostly publicly funded ( the. On his native land and planet Earth poll of the socialist and secular Baathist regimes arrest and long-running gained. Her own Congress faction her party, which wanted the continued use high-yielding. A great deal of time throughout the 1950s, Gandhi nationalised oil in! Many sectors of agriculture owes to the anti-Mandal riots: the period of 1967–75 became significant its. Conflict to liberate Bangladesh evidence in trial of assassination of late Mrs. Indira Gandhi issuance. 123 ] Nixon later wrote of the Millennium '' in an online organised... Over this matter, Bhindranwale disassociated himself from the party to Singh 's faction, Desai in. Censored press wrote about her insisted that the conviction did not necessarily reflect favourably on Indian politics in! Was instrumental in getting the Communist led Kerala state government dismissed in 1959 rights for all citizens and the social...

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