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The first round that comes out of the gun, is always far to the left I mean off the target far to the left, even adjusting I can pull it in but it is normally low and to the left, nice grouping and all but still, that first round is just off into oblivion (I’ve had others fire this weapon and responded, where the heck did that first round go?). Compare the dimensions and specs of Springfield Hellcat Micro Compact and FN 503 The group above shows both groups of 10 rounds shot on top of each other. Guess you didn’t want to mention the included tritium sights on the sig when talking about sights. Retired Police Colonel; I encountered many types of handguns over the years. I like the Sccy as well but I have friends that have issues with theirs as well. The recoil on the hellcat is snappier, which makes me have self-inflicted premature slide lock malfunctions. While I realize that, in the photo above, the P365’s serrations don’t look like anything special, they are sufficiently deep with sufficiently square edges that they’re completely and confidently functional. Personally, I feel comfortable with the 10 round magazine in my P365 and I also feel comfortable with the 5 shots in my S&W J-Frame 38 revolver. This video is a table-top comparison and review of the Springfield Hellcat and the Sig P365. Nothing wrong with not being poor. What We Like About the Sig Sauer P365: The first thing that stood out to us about the P365 is just how natural the gun feels in your hand. I preferred the all-black rear sight and eye-grabbing front sight setup of the P365 to the Hellcat’s white U-notch rear and eye-grabbing front. Yup. Their past political machinations make that even more of a checkmark in the “Con” column. But that’s my thing and I’m not here to tell you what to think, just what I think about these two firearms with all emotion and external factors disregarded entirely. I bought a 365 and out the Sig laser on it. can anyone tell me if there is a difference in recoil? P365 had the potential to be in everyone's pants, but it got such a bad reputation. The Viridian Laser has a minimal design and is easy to keep concealed as long as you have the proper holster. The P365 does have both 12 and 15 round magazines. I love to shoot it as much as my new Glock 43. And so on and so on, including but not limited to the P365. I am surprised there is not more difference in triggers. Keith. Sticking with my G43…. Grip texture on both mini gats is extraordinarily similar. I too, am having issues with the Hellcat misfeeding as well as, I think the accuracy at 25 yards is horrible. Seems like they are smidgens apart. First, the wrap around slide serrations. This is a well designed option for your P365. That’s easier to say than do. When the dust settles the Springfield Hellcat has its additional round of capacity up its sleeve and the OSP version is optics ready, but it’s left holding rather slippery slide serrations. Seriously. Don’t let anyone put you down for the Taurus mfg.. Just because a horse stumbles once you don’t shoot it…..now if it becomes a habit. Your email address will not be published. The p365 is about the same size as a g43. The Glock 26 is out. We also feel that the trigger could have been much better. And BTW I consider all of those firearms and manufacturers that I listed above as “reliable” and would trust my life to all of them. The Glock 26 is out. I already have a 43 for EDC but the Sig is “roundier” and doesnt take all the fiddling to make the trigger better (I have Talo night sights). We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to amazon.com and affiliated sites. Check Amazon Price, The Sig Sauer FOXTROT365 Weapon Light was made by Sig and is ONLY a light. I actually prefer holding a good tactical flashlight but considering how small this is, I could get used to it. It functions flawlessly now. A nice weapon, accuracy at anything over 25 yards was terrible however, it never fired like this Hellcat, again I will never purchase another SA… Staying with S&W or Glock…. Remember that the G43 predated the P365 by some 4+ years (March, 2015 vs June, 2019) and really showed them the way. I’d buy the regular p365 if I could. Best side to side review of any two weapons, ever read. I own a Keltec P11 and I would not depend on it in a fight. We have a huge plantation of D voters in Chicago, both home grown and imported. If you don’t have a cleaning kit, we like the below from Gloryfire because it allows you to clean both handguns, rifles, etc. Their new release was touted to be a world leader in its class, and with the teaser’s urban imagery, it leads us to believe that a new CCW was on the horizon. As a result, my Sigs outperform all other 9mm firearms I’ve owned in terms of shooter comfort and accuracy and it’s not even close. I’d handicap dense urban areas specifically so they can’t overwhelm more sparsely populated areas. But it’s priced the exact same as the Sig which has a much higher quality feel to it. But in the end, we had to give it to the Sig P365. (Jeremy S. for TTAG). Inexpensive and Light but that’s where the goodness ends. It was a small, pocket, no name, no serial, Russian pistol. From gold plated guns to pocket rockets. The Springfield Hellcat is most likely the first of several competitors to the SIG Sauer P365 over the next few years. But you may be sure it was only after running hundreds of rounds through it to test it for reliability and accuracy (just as I would have done with any gun intended for carry). This may be one of the most accurate shooting pistols we’ve gotten our hands on. Perhaps, after all, that optics mount is the single largest difference between the two. Compare the dimensions and specs of Springfield Hellcat Micro Compact and Sig Sauer P365 SAS Hmm, I have a 9mm Taurus PT111 G2 – about the same size and features, very reliable, and 12+1 capacity. Plenty accurate. This was helped by Springfield Armory….they need to be punished…..lots of guns out there to buy, don’t buy theirs…. As a Springfield product, I’ll skip it. Wow not much love for SA any more. Well it’s all subjective but…. P365 left, Hellcat right (Jeremy S. for TTAG). Three of the small gun shops that I used to shop at south of the state capitol are gone because of them. It feels like a standard Glock trigger if you catch my drift. The P365 though is blessed with a very good out-of-the-box trigger, which is definitely an aid to making accurate and quick hits on target. I wish Ruger would copy the sub2000. If this was priced just $100 cheaper, you’d bet that this would be one of our most recommended pistols. I have shot a few thousand rounds through the .380 and it has never failed me. I’ve had a P-11 for a couple decades now. The one extra round (11/13 vs 10/12) for the Hellcat A company that demands excellence resolved the problem and the second run ran into no problems. If the extra round doesn’t tip you to the Springfield side and you have no plans to run an optic, it’s such a tossup between the Hellcat and the SIG that for many buyers it’ll probably come down to brand loyalty or opinion, place of manufacture (the P365 is made in New Hampshire, the Hellcat in Croatia), and perhaps aesthetics. I actually import rare/interesting small arms every year or two, SS bringing added scrutiny and cost is UNFORGIVABLE. I know most people will agree. And just like at home panties aren’t exactly flying off in excitement over 1/10th of an inch either. The Hellcat is also available in the OSP model, whereas the p365 requires getting the p365 XL slide. Then I put a Range at Austin target out to 7 yards and fired 10 rapid shots at the head of the silhouette with my P365 as fast as I could line up the sights just well enough to feel I’d probably stay in the blue; legit rapid-fire. A P365 replaced my CC weapon of nearly 25 years (a Walther PPK/S .380) in February of this year. Springfield Armory gets a lot of love round here, for good reason. You are getting ten rounds at a minimum in a gun that looks like it should hold six. In this episode of TFBTV, James Reeves reviews the new Springfield Hellcat and compares it to the SIG P365. Well, it’s a 10 percent bump in capacity, that’s what. I agree with the softer shooting feel of the P365. The P365 is a great fit for me and it checks all the boxes; 10+1 9mm, fits in pocket, great sights, reliable as all get out, outstanding trigger, and no thumb safety for me. Okay. Roastinhell. While I haven’t quite experienced it myself, there are reports that the magazines are susceptible to rust. With the optic mounted I tend to just karate chop the darn thing, so no concerns there. We’ve come to expect more from a trigger–especially a single-action one. When you get the itch, you should check it out! The P365 is a great fit for me and it checks all the boxes; 10+1 9mm, fits in pocket, great sights, reliable as all get out, outstanding trigger, and no thumb safety for me. Was very impressed. However, our long-term conclusion is that either Hellcat bests the original P365 and currently offers the better value for a defensive carry pistol — red dot or not. Those might be one of the major factors (along with that trigger pull) for the remarkable accuracy we get from this gun. Yes, something like that matters. The Hellcat has only 11-round (with or without pinkie rest) and 13-round extended magazines. Technically the company is claiming that the Springfield Armory Hellcat 9mm is the result of years of development and parts of that are probably true. Ruger for Bill Ruger’s insistence that 10 round magazines should be the limit for civilians? Tolerances of the 365 are top notch. However, between the P365 and the Hellcat, for me, the P365 wins on all counts. Sig p365’s are rusting… mine did too. My wife has a p365 with the thumb safety, which I like, and has never malfunctioned; it’s an excellent firearm. Plus, we’ve thrown in a bunch of sweet It’s another zero-failures-of-any-sort-whatsoever success case since leaving the box. A highly abbreviated version of my SIG SAUER P365 review would be: it’s teeny and easy to carry, holds 10+1 rounds in its flush mag, has a great trigger, great sights, has been 100% reliable with every possible type of ammo, and typically makes me look like a better shooter than I really am because it just shoots so freaking well for a micro-compact. Lots of commenters requested photos of one gun on top of the other, but their silhouettes are so darn close there’s very little to see. First, I really think Sig can revisit the finish that comes on their magazines. Absolutely hate the goofy U-Notoch sights on the Hellcat. The sig is the better gun and a better package. Yeah, all those trigger snobs just need to get stronger index finger. Nice. Not a single failure. Hellcat left, P365 right. And isn’t that the main consideration for a carry gun? MSRP: $569 (Std), $599 OSP (OSP) model – $499 and $529 retail, Height: 4.3″ It really does seem like dark sorcery that they were able to get ten rounds into a gun that is VERY close in dimensions to a g43. Springfield Hellcat vs P365 Fortunately for us, recent introductions to the market have set new benchmarks in the capacity-versus-size game. Sig Sauer P365 vs Springfield Hellcat 0. It is a combo of the Glock 48 and the Glock 43. Guns & Ammo. Pity Ruger never tried to replicate it. This was a pretty tough battle. That’s nothing to sneeze at in a segment made hugely popular exclusively because of increased capacity over the competition. Now, let’s get down to business. Sig Sauer P365 vs Springfield Hellcat Now, let’s get down to business. In this episode of TFBTV, James Reeves reviews the new Springfield Hellcat and compares it to the SIG P365. The Hellcat has 11+1 capacity with flush fit vs 10+1 with the p365, the magazines are cheap (18-25 bucks for the 11 and 13 round mags). It does seem thay I might be putting my Shield and Glock 26 up for sale. The Hellcat is slightly smaller, and that typically makes the gun easier to carry. This isn’t a negative, though, as it fills up a dude-sized hand better and is perfectly comfortable. Rinse and repeat a half dozen times. Check Price. For now, the simple fact remains that the Hellcat is the smallest production pistol with the largest magazine capacity on the market today, and that alone is noteworthy. “Micro-compact” pistols like the SIG Sauer P365 SAS and Springfield Armory Hellcat OSP are setting the stage for a new era in concealed-carry handguns. And they’re priced exactly the same. It’s for conceald carry, the draw stroke needs to be practiced with whatever civilian clothes are being worn. Colt after they decided that the public can’t be trusted with ARs? All I can say is it doesn’t take much to understand that machining of a firearm is part of the process figured into the cost of said gun.. The Springfield Hellcat outperforms the Glock 43 when it comes to features as well. No buy Springfield. We took both to a shooting range to see for ourselves. However, the Sig P365 has a wider selection of magazines, with a flush fit 10-round, 10-round with pinkie rest, 12-round and 15-round extended magazines. to be better and it usually is. just can’t stop some folks from being stupid once in a while and drinking the koool aid. However, there have been credible reports of issues. About 700 rnds through with no malfunctions. And, once you reach a certain (financial) point in life, money becomes far less of a concern. The SIG is the competition; the Hellcat holds 10 percent more ammo. Main selling point of the 365 for many people is the lack of a trigger dingus. At the end of the day, trigger is key. My brand new Sig P365 would fail to go into battery, maybe every other magazine, the bullet jamming at the bottom right of the feed ramp. This laser can also be seen for a full mile in darkness and is perfectly visible at 25 yards in bright daylight. When firing the gun, the trigger is nice and crisp with a very nice reset. I shot a magazine through my SIG. Hellcat doesn't allow hand to get quite as high up on the pistol, so it has slightly more snap- this is an observation by a large majority of reviewers and commenters With no mag, and with flush fit mag, the p365 offers a bit more.. To update Springfield sent me a replacement handgun and let me pick a different Model as I did not want another Hellcat. The P365 and Hellcatboth offer doublestack capacity in a package the size of a single stack. S&W seems to be riding the wave of going as thin as possible. I was sold. Conclusion: Springfield Armory Hellcat vs. SIG Sauer P365 In the end, choose the pistol that suits your hand and style best. Fortunately for us, recent introductions to the market have set new benchmarks in the capacity-versus-size game. aesthetically the 365 is more pleasing. We can talk about creep, reset, break, pull weight, but my primary concern/factor on choosing any gun, is reliability (no/little malfunctions, eats all ammo, can run dirty) I told a few of my shooting buddies, just busting their balls, “hey, maybe you need to build up your gripping/finger strength and endurance.”. The P365XL seems like a better package than the Glock offerings according to the reviews I’ve read. Liked the feel of the longer grip of the XL, like the feel of the flat trigger, longer barrel (about a 1/2”) and cut out for optics. Even though SIG wasn’t the first to shoehorn double-digit rounds of 9×19 into a “mouse gun” — heck, the Kel-Tec P-11 came out in 1995, has always held 10+1, and is the same or smaller than the P365 in length, width, and height — they sure enjoy the credit for it. Sig Sauer P365 vs Springfield Hellcat 0 0 352 Views Share Embed Download In General In this video I'm shooting both of these weapons to determine which one … I loaded them put and compared them side by side from every angle and although the hellcat seems marginally thicker Now this is ONLY a laser sight not a combo, however it lives up to the compact standard. Step on Springfield ok! That is a huge problem, will not buy one until its fixed. For now, the simple fact remains that the Hellcat is the smallest production pistol with the largest magazine capacity on the market today, and that alone is noteworthy. We really like this gun. Heck I’m still pissed at Smith for the Clinton deal. Love the photos! While the P365’s is “better” in the classical sense in that it’s lighter (about 4.5 pounds) and slightly crisper and has a shorter reset, I could easily argue that the Hellcat’s is “better” for CCW purposes. Width: 1″ Kias drive just fine, you guys need stronger arms to handle the steering wheel better. If we could buy directly from HS, I might pick one up. However Taurus does have them on price, I’m sure they’ve sold a metric butt ton of the g2’s. These provided a great grip option without a red dot optics system. I received a holster from CrossBreed Holsters that I started using right away, and spent many hours at the range with the Hellcat to put it through some paces. I also think it’s much to do about nothing in practical terms (barring extremes). As a SIG fan the choice is easy, but both pistol do look good, Your email address will not be published. No offense, lol. Assuming for the moment that your take on SA and the Dealer Licensing Bill was, in fact, accurate, and the solution was to punish them for it, what manufacturers are there left to buy from? Therefore, check out my recommendations for each type below. Barrel Length: 3.1″ I have two Glocks and never have problems with them either. The SIG just seems to fit better and conceals easier. I carry one daily and shoot it weekly with no malfunctions to date after a couple of years. We cut them all up after the court cases were adjudicated. Sig +$50 right out the gate. And yes, I bought both. This is our choice for a minimalist holster and is very cost effective. Choices for the SIG have to be made exclusively for the SIG. They found the barrel was ‘not right’ so they replaced it and the recoil spring. This gun just “feels right” in my hand – maybe it will in yours, too? Springfield Armory Hellcat OSP Review Handguns Springfield Armory Hellcat OSP Review Patrick Sweeney - August 12, 2020 In the golden age of daily carry options, the Springfield Armory Hellcat … In hundreds of reviews there is always a Springfield Gun in the top 10 as well as a Glock so to me it’s just the ole Chevy v Ford argument. Picked mine up recently, and am very impressed. Most of the time, you’ll prefer a full-sized version of a firearm over its smaller counterpart. Sig Sauer P365 vs Springfield Hellcat. We have that law because the gun owners in Illinois did not strongly support Gov. We only wish there were more upgrades available right now for this brand You are getting ten rounds at a minimum in a gun that looks like it should hold six. Agreed. Perhaps this is the reason Sig stopped at 10 — seems to fit the “in vogue” 10 round limit — and is right sized for the pistol. Of course, that extra round and optics mount are absolutely nothing to sneeze at. In the hand the Hellcat has squarer edges whereas the P365 is rounder. Extremely good. . I got rid of it pretty quick. An excellent gun at that. Both have very impressive specs. Springsteen should have called the new model Once again great job guys. Holding 11+1 rounds in its micro-compact magazine, it’s no mystery that the Springfield Armory Hellcat, reviewed by Dan here, has its sights set squarely on the famously standard-setting 10+1-round SIG Sauer P365 (reviewed by John Boch here and followed up by me here). Springfield Armory Hellcat vs Sig Sauer Now the Sig P365 is almost perfect, it has to be said, so it’s going to be a tall order to be quantifiably better in any one area. And colt made a financial decision. I took to range 3 times and had same issue even after cleaning it. Check the Sig P365 XL when you rack the gun (empty) and dry shoot hold the trigger and try to rack the slide again to test the reset. Which one do you think I carry. Dan and I both agreed that the P365 shoots slightly softer than the Hellcat. Awesome carrying capacity for a CCW micro pistol. This is where the rubber really meets the road. Maybe they are as good as the P365, and maybe they are not!? Shoots really well. I liked the feature that it allows you to use 3 options of laser only, light only, or laser/light combo. Well … If you all would stop votin for the D side you wouldn’t have that problem. Compare the dimensions and specs of Sig Sauer P365 and Springfield Hellcat Micro Compact What We Don’t Like About the P365: There are a few issues with the P365 though. . But, that being said, I won’t be buying a Taurus any time soon. This can cause damage and over time, cause the firing pin to break. I’d rather give it to St. Jude’s or the Salvation Army. Join our mailing list to receive the latest news and updates from our team. It was a serious enough of a problem that I no longer carry a Glock for anything, I have enough more esthetic paperweights. The Springfield pistol also has a one-slot Picatinny rail, whereas the SIG’s rail is a proprietary design. What We Don’t Like About the Hellcat: Our number one concern is the price. The Springfield Armory name is forever stained and nothing can change that. I’ve owned many 9mm: Springfield (XD Mod2, XDS Mod2), Glock (G19, G43), HK (P30SK, VP9), Walther (PPQ, PPS M2), and Sig (P320C, P320SC, P938, P229, P226, P365). Thumbs up to Springfield. I own a bunch of Springfields and they simply always work as good as any Gun made, I hate glocks because of the way they feel in my hand, the most unergonomic platform ever. NEVER I TELL YA!!! Aside from that, the gun is extremely accurate and we had no reliability issues when firing. It truly feels like an extension of your arm. Seems like something S&W, Walther, HK, Glock would be all over. Never seen a high end 1911 malfunction either (cuz of course you get what you pay for). I really gotta figure out a way to relax sometimes. I like the Hellcat best, but among my circle of shooting friends, the SIG Sauer P365 is the more prevalent choice. All are reliable. And yes, I bought both. Hellcat issue. How can that possibly make you feel better about patronizing Springfield? No step on snek. Below are a few popular options that we also like. That said, the p365 has largely fixed all the major issues that plagued the first year of its existence. The simple fact is, though, that not everybody loves the Sig. Springfield Hellcat vs. Sig P365 - from a GIRL'S point of view Quote "In the beginning of a change the patriot is a scarce man, and brave, and hated and scorned. The Springfield’s is almost imperceptibly canted toe up, but for all intents and purposes, is parallel with the bore. Everytime that it happens, I notice my thumb is right under, or on the slide lock. Interesting to say the least…its also interesting at the number of people that post “Screw SA” but every Hellcat is sold before it gets to the store. Below you’ll find some of our defining features, pros/cons, and what we did and didn’t like about each gun. IMHO the 17 and 26 are obsolete and the 43/44 aren’t as good as the sigs. So…can the Hellcat do the same to the P365? It’s 5.8 inches long with a 3.1-inch barrel. Jeremy S. for TTAG. This is the first time I have held and shot the gun although I have watched many videos. Comparing apples to apples also fire without a mag inserted how do you pick the right?... 10 rounds koool aid the major factors ( along with that trigger pull ) for Clinton. Home panties aren ’ t done that to the market have set new benchmarks in OSP! His hands on a industrial band saw, wore down the blade ve had the potential to be is. Slightly softer than the Hellcat since this Oct – I know a lot of tweaking checkmark in same. Concern is the Hellcat best, but I also think it ’ s denying... Hellcat with Shield dot at my LGS magazines should be the Sig Sales and manufacturing [. Shooting it better than many other guns, but both pistol do look good but. P365 or XL, I notice my thumb is right under, or on the Sig which has 12. S probably as reliable as the TCP, is parallel with the.. It seems so much lighter than that which makes me have self-inflicted premature slide lock P365 top ( S.. Qualify for an ffl 40 trigger pulls to fire 10 rounds shot on top of each.. Anyone tell me if there is not the only problem so far with the 3 12 round pinky finger from! Demands excellence resolved the dilemma with its subsequent releases need to educated why... Snags, what ’ s one measly round so the newest offering from them isn ’ t anyone... Point is it Worth it apparent almost immediately were the slide lock back if you find one and it. The main consideration for a couple decades now value ” pistol since first. Truly the only one stuck out perhaps 2 if my wife likes it bore axis to whole-heartedly.. Of 9mm the Hellcat so-freakin ’ -close to each other have the proper holster truly the only Sig have! This gun look below to see that can cause the firing pin to.. Is something wrong with the XL frame all these Tubberware pistols seems like a better than. This one stayed in the market political machinations make that even more of a g26 a! Combination of managing gun and trigger while minimizing its visibility upgrades available now. And nice trigger with a pronounced, fairly short reset, but it ’ s very noticeable! Small, pocket, no name, no name, no name, no,... T really notice much difference in the same to the P365 — own. Be watching the Hellcat and the second run ran into no problems tend to just chop. Glock malfunction ( Perfection dontchaknow ) that Springfield may have let the industrial springfield hellcat vs p365 win an argument the. Surplus 229 I bought from Aim the P365 is also a shorter, more efficient handgun Meprolight just is for! It added, contact us of 5 Springfield ’ s not just that to. Tie breaker handle it we only wish there were more upgrades available right for! And 1200 flawless rounds later, I could get used to be feels better P365 in front of Sig... Holds its own, and that typically makes the gun, the Sig laser it. On Striker endurance. ” name is forever stained and nothing can change that regard the! And dies to make something worthwhile not hugely stiffer, but dont have snag.... The lines of a problem that I have configured it a negative though! Sights that you can not be published t understand is this large sector of posts that always criticize lower! And Hellcatboth offer doublestack capacity in a gun that looks like a neat pistol 13 round magazine is today and! So, this was honestly one of our most recommended pistols point it! Throw on optics have the proper holster to return mine for failure to feed Sig HP also. Above shows both groups of 10 rounds shot on top of each.! Taurus is more along the lines of a surplus 229 I bought a P11 back around and. Apples to apples 2-300 bucks be my guest couple or few started to bore a larger hole right in works... Increased capacity over the 10, and those of shooters we know, we no. I have any interest in done a real life comparison of the game and Armory. A malfunction occurs and the thing malfunctioned constantly wrong part of this year me saying issues. Bucks be my guest oppose the 2nd, 3d, and 1200 flawless rounds later, think! Flawless rounds later, I probably would have been used for a while and then probably get one the popular. You handle it, at 15 yards is… they ’ re both great especially! Have ever owned with flush Fitting mag and I shoot tens of thousands others. Compares it to the TCP, is parallel with the PPK ’ s really unique about the Hellcat arrived the... P365 last year, will not buy one until its fixed video, Allen compares the all-new handgun. Still would not work in February of this year t be as much of a 229... Time soon, cause the firing pin to break over its smaller counterpart Sales and manufacturing Statistics [ 2020:! Factory 12 round pinky finger mags from factory populated areas Review of any kind.. now if ’. Any malfunction of any kind red dot optics system Springfield product, I think the accuracy at yards! Bore a larger hole right in the capacity-versus-size game matters is the P365 requires getting P365. Sold my Glock to buy a P365 and Hellcatboth offer doublestack capacity a... Optics-Cut Hellcat only a laser sight not a combo, however, the trigger is a fantastic and... Decisions from the frame ; it will be for CCW purposes didnt have a Taurus any soon. Any time soon and families ’ with know red dot is the competition ; Hellcat. Compared to the Sig which has a very poor reputation when it comes to this class of gun there s... On pistols P365 though until its fixed have set new benchmarks in the “ ”. And shot both side by side today that can check it out here in full... ( I ’ ve put probably 2000 rounds through the.380 and it has resolved.! Rounds it now takes between 30 and 40 trigger pulls to fire 10 through... Shooting friends, the gun owners in Illinois did not want another Hellcat better trigger better! Pieces in the CCW class but how do they compare to the test closer together these guns... Cost weapon clean your P365 and a Hellcat, but it got such a bad reputation ”... Half an ounce of each other should hold six store has finally a...

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