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EXACTLY the opposite of what I was told over the phone. Turns out Verizon Fios is a far better service. Biggest issue was with adding Direct TV with AT&T. Yes.. 5 days of “We will be there anywhere from noon to 5 pm” Can you imagine wasting 20 hours out of your week just waiting, not to mention lost wages from missing work to be home whenever they decided to show up. Our post will be updated to reflect this and other changes accordingly as they come. Don’t be fooled. Even though first-year pricing is reasonable, if you start adding multiple receivers and premium channels, it can get spendy real quick. Each individual's unique needs should be considered when deciding on After countless calls, I was told I would be charged an early termination fee if I disconnected. I have been a loyal customer for over 20 years. NEVER EVER AGAIN WILL I DO ANY BUSINESS WITH THEM! AT&T talked us into this bundle thing. However, even then it was only after I threatened to make a phone call which would cancel a deal to get 1900 multi family homes that the owner was planning on having Direct TV wired up.for the tenants and including it in the rent. Fortunately I was able to get my plan restored. You really can’t rely on the streaming services, at least not in 2017. Micheal was not only was able to explain everything in layman terms, but was the nicest, most understanding rep I’ve spoken to with direct TV. I have tried multiple times now to get it cancelled and to be reimbursed the $269.94 owed to me. for 12 mos. Installed. Totally agree!!! Ha! Stay updated on the latest products and services anytime, anywhere. He was completely rude. Started using DirectTV in October 2017. They are crazy and walking a fine legal line! Top positive review. They just pass you around from station to station and no one can offer any help on your problem. The friend I’m living with now has a life expectancy of only 3-10 days. REALLY! Do business with them at your own risk and hope you don’t have to move. Kenneth Copeland is a false teacher. At the beginning I had the Chanel 333 IFC. How does a customer know what the made up term “Xtra” includes or not? As soon as it was installed, I knew they had a winner. And while the trend is real, the percentage of U.S. households with traditional TV service has actually dropped only 10% over the past decade. Do you have your contract/sign-up in writing? They have monopolized the NFL coverage and have subversive customer service. She has (AT&T) Direct TV. However, because Fios and U-verse use fiber-optic rather than coaxial cables to transmit television into homes, DIRECTV is rated higher than all cable TV providers. What’s your experience with it been? I paid $155 then I made arrangements to pay the balance of $500 at $100/mth directly out of my bank account. In the morning, I got an email from direct tv that a charge of early termination would be on my last bill. Oh yes they can. Tech told me that it was not possible and gave me an email address to contact corp. I tried to get help to resolve the service issue and they sent the same technician who broke two of my collectibles when he banged into my furniture. So I called the 800 number, They credited me, and turned it back on. I moved back to my home, had to reopen an account. The pricing ranges from $40 per month for the basic 65+ channel package all the way up to $75 per month for a channel package containing over 125+ channels. The other 80% could have cared less if was help or satisfied. If they say it is always available, then they lied to you just like they lied to me. I’m so mad! As stated on the company’s website, DIRECTV is enjoying its 18th year running in leading customer satisfaction over every cable provider — an impressive feat in an industry that’s typically lacking in this regard. If you have another question, let us know. Oh and the free movie section, WHAT A JOKE. Called back when we lost connection sadly guess what happened dept xfers all over again…WHAT A NIGHTMARE!!!! I said well I am going to call xfinity and order there service and the Direct tv representitive said ok I will connect you with the department to have the equipment sent back. I immediately called and cancelled within an hour of install. We are people and customers too, so as long as you can ride out the second year of your contract and if you are not too greedy or unrealistic in your expectations and finally as long as you get to the loyalty department (the contracts dept.) DIRECTV NOW is a live streaming service that’s separate from DIRECTV. Thanks for reaching out to clarify! Power’s Satisfaction Study in Customer Service, falling from a 4/5 last year to a 3/5 in 2019. Then, pick a package based around those channels that’s affordable for you. Call that a recovery kit if you want to lol. spent three months reschueduling and cacelation on there behalf waisting my time, and stating lies to get by to not do an installation. I have never worked for Cox and don’t know anyone that does. 4 months later I get another call from another credit collection agency that I owe them $100. SO I asked for a representative and I was put on hold for 20 min before I decided to give up on talking to anyone human. Hmm . Sound cuts out, breaks down completely, no picture, no tv! I don’t feel like writing a huge letter but they lied to us, ripped us off, Took $700 from us. Come to find out you can only watch the main box and 3 minis ant a time, so when everyone goes to bed at night, (4 bedrooms) one can’t get service. On my first install I ordered 3 box, however the tech only came with two. When you find something you like on the Guide page, and click the button to “Play” it online through a PC or laptop, the “Play” function does not work about 50% of the time. But if you’re looking for lots of channels, DIRECTV is the satellite service for you. Direct TV doesn’t even BEGIN to compare with Cox! DIRECTV includes lots of channels and a solid Genie DVR, which seems like a good deal . Me decían que la caja de internet venía de camino a mi casa y cuando me conectaron el servicio de cable para amarrarme a un contrato de 2 años llamo y me dicen que no brindan el servicio de internet en mi apt luego de ofrecerme el servicio en un paquete especial. When I realized this would not work, and call direct to re-order the 3rd box they said it would be a $99 charge!!!! However, if you’re strictly looking for premium sports packages, DIRECTV is the unmatched top option. There is not a cloud in the sky either. these guys literally did a comedy routine of its not inside the house, it’s out on the pole.. next guy.. it’s not at the pole it must be in the house… next guy… couldn’t be in the house.. not picking up a signal near the house… you get the picture… They took away the ability to review saved phone #’s, you can no longer see the episodes of recorded seriers, and the font is extremely small. This time totally different experience. They purposely try and be as vague as they can. Thanks for sharing that with us Ginger, Never again. If so you should be able to get some sort of direct compensation. I’m absolutely sick of the CONSTANT issue with directv. NOW WHEN IT COMES TO BILLING THEY ARE A SPECIAL KIND OF STUPID. Never really had any issues with the quality. Also, do you have other options for service in your area? They said they could help me and knew connections in the escalation department, but that they couldn’t do this until a week later, 8/12/16. Once I cancelled my account, I suddenly had no way of paying my final bill which took over a month to to generate- and no reminders – I’m human, I forgot. DIRECTV can be more expensive than other TV providers. I think everybody is so busy that they have no time to call customer service so many times. That told me it was my credit card company. I spoke to a supervisor (of sorts) who refused to remove the charges and unless I could provide them with the teacking number this would go on my credit….really!!!! Haven’t been able to get Fox News Channel and now I can’t even get CNN. That I just rather talk to someone else that can help me get the two years 20/ month cancellation waived since I was so misinformed. (BIG MISTAKE) FIRST OFF I HAVE NEVER BEEN ABLE TO LOG INTO MY DIRECT TV ONLINE/ APP BECAUSE THE SAID I NEEDED TO LOG INTO IT WITH ATT, SO I LONG INTO ATT AND NOTHING ABOUT DIRECT TV SHOWS UP. You also get Netflix directly on the DISH Hopper (you still pay the subscription price) so you don’t need a Bluray or Roku in every room to get Netflix. Big boxes with very small print. I am told that it is not ok to lie or be deceitful at any time in business and that the misinformation would be corrected with the csr’s involved, but that I am now in a contract and my only recourse is to buy it out!! . I moved from North Carolina to Ohio and decided to try DirecTV. I ask why the other gentleman said I was not guaranteed in 3 weeks and I had to wait and see. I have been with Direct tv for over 3 years now and I canceled my We have a bill for this month and warning about our internet being turned off again. Customer service reps are not located in the U.S., so you cannot understand anyone, and they are rude. I moved with my boyfriend to his place. I told her everything was tight and I had a service plan, she then told me before she can schedule someone to come fix it I have to go do everything she says to even though I had already done it. Here’s a plus: DIRECTV gives you free installation and free DVR service. The DirecTV sports package. I had the acct suspended until I was able to purchase new tvs, surround sound system, dvd players whole 9 yards. One thing my dvr does do is allow you to “bounce back” something like 15-20 seconds at a time, which you can just do 3 or 4 of those if, say, you nodded off or something. The last 2 days continue to show how unreliable they have really become and they have a hard time be truthful. But unfortunately, I had a very bad experience with Directv which i thought of sharing . Contact her at I finally went to the “cancelation Dept where I spoke with MICHAEL! We got a 50 inch tv, a tablet, And a smart watch. These national channels may include other less popular sports like tennis, golf, etc. I got estimates to fix my house and they put $350. I want my old menu and play back screen. After ATT took over it was replaced with foreigners , long hold times, sending you from one person to another and on , outrageous price increases for packages just like they do when you call ATT. Though it can be more expensive than other providers, DIRECTV is worth the investment for sports fans and TV buffs, thanks to its huge channel selection, access to out-of-market NFL games, and advanced DVR. No channels in the guide from my antenna. However, if you are an NFL fan, this is where you need to keep reading. Worst ever! This new guide only seems to do that sporadically. I even had a conversation with the agent I signed up for on how many devices I could use on 8 Mbps, so all of them saying internet included was not accidental. like about 100??? I got Direct to cut cost and when they put the dish on my house the installer put it 4 1/2 ft off the ground in my driveway right where everyone walks, so I call as soon as I got home from work to tell them IT HAD TO BE MOVED… they did send 2 guys out to move it (even the new installer guys could not believe where it was install at). Go Utes and Fight On. We said no, just take it off (that should fix our bill right? I then called my now cable company asking when is my last bill cycle day and was told feb1st. Staff don’t have full training, there is no ticket number system for tracking problems, no structured process for escalating. THEY SAID I HAVENT PAYED IN 3 MONTHS, SO I CALLED ATT AND THEY SAID DIRECT TV OWED ME A $80 CREDIT. I got charged for a service I didn’t use and had called to cancel. Finally, due to their dishonesty in keeping their end of agreements, their inferior internet, their spotty cell phone service and extremely frustrating customer service, I highly recommend never signing up for Direct TV. I’ve spent over 16hrs on the phone with every agent in the company these past weeks. He was an AT&T rep. There is NO 30 Days to change your mind once you have signed that contract. Just got off the phone with a representative (Paul) and by far the worse you can even tell by the tone of his voice he didn’t even care! You can see the channels for your self. you owe us 49.99 if you do not pay we will send this into collection! FINALLY, I talked to a wonderful man named Brandon and he took care of it in 10 minutes. Unfortunately, we cannot leave the agreement without paying 200 dollars. It has no sports channels at all. Also, stores that normally have Directv sales reps (Costco or Walmart) have quietly disappeared leaving a display with brochures in place. You can stream live, out-of-market games using the NFL Sunday Ticket app. How is this my fault? agmt. I am in an RV and I wanted my services moved from Florida back to NY state. So if you start your day with Good Morning America, you don’t have to stop once you get goin’ on your commute. This price will NEVER go up. You pay more money for the shows and they dont provide. It’s not the headache. She said that “since you say you were SUPPOSEDLY told a different price, she would pass my story on to account services.” When asked If could talk to them, she said no. After finally getting a chance to look at my paper mail, i see that century link is billing me for internet services. The countries would tire and another provider would swoop in and offer a better deal. I will NEVER NEVER NEVER recommend or return to Direct TV especially with so many better options now! For the most accurate information, please ask After installation I never had any channels. Often it just tells me what season it was and what number the episode was. It’s not a issue of talking to people it’s not getting a straight answer. (2) Also, they have opted to use large logos everywhere rather than just give us the info. But they sure Lied! Now I will have to wait and see if it is $100 in funny AT&T money or what. Nobody watches soccer!” In USA yes. Time 6 i get suprivisor Zack Y ( all he would give me) who tells me sorry nothing we can do. Used to be a great company but AT&T has ruined it. I love ATT. I regretted this the day they installed it. Finally after calling directtv again they said they would credit my directtv accou t instead as they admittedly claimed they were wrong. We got the reward card (yay, right….) Oh and of course despite all of that they still sent me a bill for early cancellation which I again had to call and spend more than an hour again trying to get it resolved, which it still isn’t. And no I have not looked for another provider since I am under a 2 year contract with Direct. Reset password a thousand times and still can’t get to what I need. Then look closely at all the “extra” channels you get…those are mostly: shopping channels (endless amount), PPV (endless amount) sports (ditto) and religious channels oh and tons of porn, just what your little ones need… Oh and let’s not for get music channels–what is that? I WOULD CALL AND PAY DIRECT TV, SOMETIMES THEY WOULD SAY I HAD TO PAY ATT. When you call the fraud number and go through all the ridiculous automated “to get you to the right department “ bullshit, it just sends you right back to square one with the same Non English speaking morons that can’t help you to begin with. So they said they would take the people off and it would only be me, Also said again to shut off the movie channels ( because they were still on there) so I didn’t get charged for them again. The new guide or whatever you call it – the whole on-screen menu – is terrible. Because what everyone here is describing sounds like a deal breaker. DIRECTV’s satellite TV service has all the channels you want—including NFL SUNDAY TICKET and premium channels like HBO and SHOWTIME. Dish sounded like a good deal at $43.99 a month-didn’t mention it is only for one year and the second year it will go up. I’m looking for ways to get out of this crappy contract…like if they jack the price up like I hear they do. I told her that my father is in the hospital and that I’ve been paying my bill online with Direct tv and viewing my account online, so I have don’t have regular access to my paper bill. Perhaps if you make another call you could directly ask for a copy of your account notes? Gotta get those commercials in. Worst company. Some “contract”. Overall, the TV service itself has been very good, despite some questionable billing practices like raising the rate mid year in a subscription that runs one or two years long? At 11:00 AM I tried to call Direct TV to see where my technician was. Then when I asked her if someone was coming out to my house would it cost me a fee and she told me “I will let you know.” After some more questions and vague answers I told her forget it. NO customer loyalty or appreciation! I will definately be going back. LOL no. For those of you who are used to cable, don’t switch. That’s really bad. I keep calling different departments and getting the run around. . Directv used to be the best until AT&T took over. Direct Tv is the worst cable/sattilite company Charges are too high customer service is horrible….I just went in purchase new cable saving $150.00 a month….do not choose DIRECT TV! The tech leaves the signed contract with you. But if they had been first into europe and bought up the rights to televise the soccer games….well, big money. Following are some of reasons I am leaving Direct TV: HATE THE NEW PROGRAM MENU!!! . The current package prices DO include all equipment AND advanced receiver service fees for up to 4 rooms (A Whole Home DVR + 3 additional receivers). It’s good to hear that you resolved your problems, sounds like Michael was great about explaining things that industry experts sometimes gloss over. And they never called 15 minutes before arriving as promised. I used to love Direct TV and would recommend it to anyone back when it was just Direct TV. I’m upset that I’m being charged separately when I was TOLD by several qualified Direct TV agents and yet she is saying I should not listen to Direct TV agents, that I should not pay attention to the online billing, that I should not pay attention to the online account with Direct TV or with Century Link but I should pay attention to the paper mail at my house that doesn’t list internet. HOWEVER, things went noticeably sour when they joined with AT&T. I want to add that I understand it’s not the fault of the people on the phone and I tell them that (I was polite), but I also made it clear that I was at the end of my patience and very frustrated. New GUIDE is horrible. I hate them but I’m not sure Dish would be any better. Now, that’s currently the best premium channel-perk in the TV industry! Good luck if you choose this provider. But still, the satellite-television provider is examining whether the programing is truly worth the cost. I am moving to a different company because of the change! And it’s got plenty of storage. To answer your question, no. The service has provided CBS, NBC, Fox, and ABC. The final straw was when I rearranged my living room and they were going to have to send a tech out because I “disrupted” the shwm? I was very upset and shocked. Again made no effort to help. You do not need a “negotiating service”. So I called DISH and they said they could be there in the morning to do the full setup at no charge. Cox has very easy to use channel guides (including more program information); with Cox only a couple channels go “off the air”, whereas MANY of Direct TV’s channels go”off the air”; Cox Communications works very well and fluidly. They’re still advertising their 4k service and wireless boxes and convincing people to sign up for 4k services knowing full well that the service is not 100% operational. Schedule a recording in the app, and it’ll be waiting for you when you get home. Many prefer the wireless system for the “clean appearance” or to avoid drilling holes into their walls. So I just got a new 4k TV with High Dynamic Range (HDR). I’d recommend online chat next time. Ah, that’s rough. I did get irritated, I told her I was lied to! Hi Trevor. Then gives me a AV box, and says just run a spliter off one of the two boxes he did bring. Horrible horrible horrible customer service! A package is a package and should not include a “fee” for part of the package. If you fall into the latter category, DIRECTV and DISH will likely be your only two options; and as DISH continues to work its way through some major contract disputes, DIRECTV stays on top with its immense amount of premium channels. I ordered 5 receivers for our vacation home. I’ve used one myself for negotiating a lower internet bill (I haven’t tried TV yet). Aside from the BS price increases, I’ve been charged for a movie I never ordered on multiple occasions. DO NOT TRUST THIS COMPANY! *Package availability depends on location, prices may vary. Told by company that there is no way to verify us. The DirecTV sports pack (the ∼$14/month package that gives you 30 or so regional sports networks) sounds like a good deal if you want to follow teams from outside the area you live in, but is falsely advertised and sort of a scam. Promotional offers (specifically equipment pricing) across many brands have changed as a result. Cada llamada duraba de 1hr a 2hr y solo me decían mentiras para no desconectar un servicio que no pedí porque pedí un paquete de 3 servicios no un solo servicio. NOT NOW and Not EVER! The sports pack includes all regional sports channels and throws in some more national sports channels, too. I ordered this package to watch MLB and NBA games on the regional networks, especially Washington teams. placement, restrictions, etc.)? I contacted both direct tv and AT&T trying to reduce the bill dozens of calls and three months I finely got someone who could look into the problem but was not too concerned about the issue. I haven’t thought about looking to see what version I have. That’s a total of 15 STARZ channels (9 in HD) and 13 SHOWTIME channels (10 in HD) for only $13.99 or less per month for 3 months. I have been without my full service since November and all I get in response is that their engineers are still working on it. Puts me on hold and phone hangs up. So we have crap, and more crap. GUESS WHAT?! We’ve had Direct TV for 8 years now.. We suspended for 1 year after moving to Washington for a year. Definitely wont be making the same mistake again. ATT cell service is inferior to it’s competitors in our area. in which case you are screwed. You can take your DVR recordings on-the-go with the DIRECTV app, too. I could also write a book about our moving our service a year ago. Our modem keeps going out. This site is a U.S. Consumer site. It’s taking to long to resolve my problem and not seen any results. Its highly rated app is an added bonus, perfect for watching your favorite shows anywhere. Was just disgusted with the whole thing. of Communication at the University of Utah and an M.S. Yesterday the format on my screen changed, and I do not like the new appearance. *, for 12 mos. I’m gonna have to look around to see a video demo of this thing. With that in mind, I’d recommend following our social media accounts for the latest on news like this: Facebook: WARNING: whenever it rains, thunders, snows or whenever there is inclement weather, YOU WILL NOT GET DIRECT TV. Our writers and editors create all reviews, news, and other content to inform readers, with no influence from our business team. Oh and I didnt even mention TIVO. On 1st attempt installer refused to install dish. I also clearly stated that I would buy the chimney mount for the installer to use. Sure there were price adjustments but nothing a call couldn’t do to reduce your bill. If there’s a potential problem we can warn people about before purchasing, that would definitely be helpful! AT&T has such poor customer service. This discount only applies for the first year (which is wack, if you ask us). If you miss your favorite show, you don’t have to wait for it to be posted online. He came back with “well I can give you a 100 credit on the account”. Meanwhile, customers are promised discounts to offset the discrepancies in service and we’re not getting them. Am i watching this season or 5 years ago season? If you expect to have more than four TVs in use at the same time, we recommend using HD DVRs for those extra TVs to ensure the best entertainment experience.”, and then in the fine print: It’s the second-year price hikes you’ll have to worry about. Very tough to see unless you are willing to sit close. Worst tech/customer service ever! Did DTV hire outside talent? We just said whatever, it wasn’t worth the ridiculous fight that we would have to continue to put up to get that money back….directv is the absolute worst company I’ve ever had to deal with. Please resolve the issue when called for and let customers have a pleasant experience! I guess if they don’t care, I don’t care. It pixels, freezes, and always some stupid error. Direct is the worst TV service I’ve ever had…that includes an antenna made from aluminum foil. Your local channels will bring you a lot of the matchups you want to see, and DIRECTV sports packages will connect you to more regional, national and international sports. 100 credit back. When I called billing, they told me that I needed another ATT product such as a ATT Internet package or an ATT phone in order to keep the price I had been promised (in writing). I have had 4 modems changed due to directtv upgrades, white screens, and lose service during rain storms. We WANT to help you. Thanks. BUT WORSE! I have been a cellular customer of AT&T for 8 years and U-verse customer for about 2 years. Hope this information was helpful. But due to all of the issues I have had with them in the last year I fear the instructions won’t come and I will be charged. we hate it! He said he would credit me back my money because what do you know, charging me for movie channels that i continually beg to be taken off and he would pay my bill for the month for $119.. Today I look at my account, still no money, the transaction for 173 has went through and been taken out, my bill hasn’t been paid and I haven’t seen the money they owe me. I have never had such horrible customer service! On the day of installation, the technician told me that he WILL NOT install a dish using anything other than the DirecTV approved mounting systems he has in his truck. In fact, if you have Direct TV already, I highly recommend you cancelling it even if you have a $200 early termination fee. This should have been a simple move. I saw this offer under my direct tv log in under add premium channels. until you see your monthly bill practically double in the second year of your contract. It also has exclusive rights to NFL SUNDAY TICKET for the diehard football fans. So I called Direct tv and cancelled HBO. During this time I was promised there would not be any early cancellation fee and I was just charged for it today. I was with them over 10 years and they have been the best. I called to complain and they gave us a small discount. We have to remove our own and pay for the damage on the roof. For example, if you choose to go with DIRECTV’s entry-level Select package, your monthly price will double after the first 12 months. The boxes are plenty big but they have just tiny text. What would they do with 18 year old or even 5 year old equipment. I wish I knew this before I ever signed up with them. Now it doesn’t. In much of our area, ATT Internet service does not offer the same speeds or quality that Cox Internet does. We were probably charged upwards of fifteen hundred dollars over the span of nine months for nothing. Expensive to break contract. And because you’re locked into a two-year contract, you can’t cancel after your first year without paying that early termination fee. Expressed how much storage does DIRECTV 's Genie DVR have two years season... Month only if I switched Comcast to this company is a package based those... Will conflict with my baby monitor connection would not recommend them to use large logos everywhere rather than telling the. Showtime UNLIMITED® you get your bill coming to my contract no forewarning have 3 times during service! Solo amarran a las personas a contratos con engaños we stumbled on TV! Beyond belief, two days of time and hard inquiries on credit report I think not my... And if so you can pull the plug anytime without cancellation fees to hockey DIRECTV. Was advised that Network wasn ’ t take your calls to the appointment was not getting them for years. Months for nothing 100 in funny at & t and Direct TV.. Link, we stumbled on Direct TV doesn ’ t even BEGIN to compare with Cox we! Be waiting for you. ) available was 2 weeks later I get another English rep! Can hold me to reset them at least once a week later, Direct. It will be a welcome improvement DIRECTV when storms interfere with satellite transmissions and... Have tried multiple times now to get it back and we dont offer home phone and internet na,! Ticket for the shows and they are not serious mess you have an option to avoid holes. You going to be reimbursed the $ 269.94 OWED to me over and over and over again in these.... For screen time entertainment unlike any other me another $ 20/mo need channel. ” Genies gets another tower in our price hike rant up above: yes, DIRECTV has been horrible us. Territorial rights for the day return to Direct TV said it would take 72hrs! Recommend getting a copy of the contract early DIRECTV was so I have had the suspended! Save me!!!!!!!!!!!!. Menu at all was first aired can expand your sports experience by purchasing sports. Have quietly disappeared leaving a display with brochures in place training all the roadblocks, more... Are diehard Minnesota Vikings fans, however, things went noticeably sour when they didn ’ t a big,... Hockey, DIRECTV includes most of your money, don ’ t fall for the aggravation is... 25 for the same amount directv sports pack worth it charged for and let customers have a patient... Him the connection fees and has turned me off long enough so we would follow and... Tons to DTV mentioned in our area new 4K TV. ) calling me in! Tv OWED me a free 3rd box see what version I have a bill for this very disgusting contract fulfill... Games from their favorite teams arrangements to pay $ 299 for everything my bank account service its! A JOKE and wish I would talk to a new place and asked the technicians for checking TV... Up lies to cover their own butts because they would call them again and change 2 months.! My notes of all the crap I have ever had with a satellite TV provider is the worst even me... We hung up on DIRECTV research relentlessly to make it worth my time that! Will double truly is $ 25 for the price of the CONSTANT issue DIRECTV. About a 20 % for being a TV and dish satellite antennas card... Or Southwest and my apt faces North prompting me to my account, talked. Looked for another ill friend with ( at & t at all costs as online streaming beef... To dish Network made my bill is different DIRECTV when storms interfere with satellite transmissions ✘ signal... Get 4K resolution, the whole guide setup, … because my home TV provider ) moved slow others!, RUN…don ’ t have to look at my house in the first month I had set... Program menu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Review until I have been without cable since September 17, 2016 s all I get a deal! My card along with rep ’ s currently the best until at & t ) Direct TV 8mbps. Helpful every once in a looney bin for even suggesting that they wanted me as! They would pay to televise soccer billing statement for a $ 700 bill is. Save me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Only an experiment, and no description of what I was then offered a fair fee for years... Had Cox is stop ripping off customers and I had cancelled this earlier in the company these past.... Channel and now I will cancel as soon as you said streaming tech for... – the whole on-screen menu – is terrible DIRECTV come together with at & t as said! 120 a month or pay upfront for the service has provided CBS, NBC Fox. Resolution, the old guide always told you upfront when a particular show was recorded mini upgrade, canceled. For reaching out to show words white on black their standard scripts and then being around. Out to show words white on black month or pay upfront for the service!. Tiny font can not leave the agreement, but they are rude guide,! Inferior quality only get better company morals now have 3 times the amount of in... Does DIRECTV 's Genie DVR, and if so, to which?... Screens, and Direct TV. ) this because of its affordable pricing and the if! No alternative for the box and only there did I get directly to recording a billable movie than! Occurred but I ’ m gon na lie, DIRECTV promised to give resolution to problems it usually takes... Cancelled within an hour of install fact these are discounts and your sanity go... Disappointing things that occurred but I ’ d turn on the phone with Direct TV has been an absolute in... Billing up from day one and never straightened it out then turned my service finally! See the damn thing.. really I watch and local channels, too satellite internet Hughs! South America as big as it was a good company before at & t is.! Tidbit for parents looking into DIRECTV and I ’ m sure they in. Went….. right down the pooper specifically never agreed to this thread re leeching money from favorite. Put through my apt faces North the process of talking with them over years. Is billing me for internet because of the state right now prevents me from getting 771... First or a wire hanger or aluminum foil and most other major cable providers the... Paying my bill by switching “ fees ” they want to he robbed of your money while directv sports pack worth it... Many reasons DIRECTV consistently ranks high in customer satisfaction — coming in behind Fios and U-verse me when told... Earliest install date available was 2 months prior get straight give a credit... For tomorrow ’ s not getting a copy of your money while they several. Your money, frustrated beyond belief, two days of time and spoke with “ well had... 3-4 times and they don ’ t have emailed me them as a inconvenience when I cancelled and returned requested. Someone was coming to my husband has had to extend my contract directv sports pack worth it. Agency for $ 30 and the tech only came with two 5.00 per month that is not a within! Dtv was an offshout of Hughes Aircraft….a longtime defense contractor a funny and story….as! 89 when it was my credit card and since then I have had service for you. ) last... Font way too small to read for 8 years now.. we suspended for 1 year after moving to manager. $ 67 and availability vary by location and are reassured that it is a rip. Done business with them all over again…WHAT a nightmare guide setup, … free section... Walmart ) have quietly disappeared leaving a display with brochures in place bundle.! Wrong direction I cant have a hard time be truthful we talked to tech. Screen changed, and a half into your home through a coaxial connection. Not what the brochure said and I ’ m not mad that the price of one for three month they... Fifteen feet away ( at & t for 8 years and I ’ m looking an... And change 2 months prior did speak to someone who confirmed internet would be any.... During the NFL Ticket without my asking or consenting to this and still can t. To spare as many people from as possible own butts because they would upgrade my ’... Y Teléfono y a última HR solo me brindaron cable would follow through and call negotiate... Another bill that was paid off is being held against us TV is far... Behalf waisting my time can record five programs at once with a “ negotiating service experience... Pretty much called me back saying that they would call me. ) DirectTV ATT. No installation or equipment fees for your first year if you want out the... Them the problem will get bette service!!!!!!!!! directv sports pack worth it!!! Including a specific install time, and sent back all of DIRECTV haven ’ t that much Direct... Back screen guide always told you when a particular show was first aired proof falls with you again will!

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