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for all 4 stamps (*) about 50,000 or more: for all 4 stamps (*) about 30,000 or more The 24 cent stamp uses a G grill and comes with split grill, double grill or basic gum. The quirk about the stamp is the 13p did not get printed for some reason.There are only three in the world. One of the finest examples of Inverted Jenny stamp was sold for slightly more than $1,35 million at Robert A. Siegel auction that took place on May 31, 2016. George Washington is one of the key figures in the history of the United States. The Basel Dove is a stamp issued by the canton of Basel in Switzerland, on 1 July 1845. Below, you can see the list of rarest and most valuable stamps issued in the U.S. and all over the world. Small fortunes hiding in old New Zealand stamp collections. There was a stamp from 1978 which was worth 13p and is now worth £130,000. British Guiana 1-Cent Magenta, 1856. The mistake that occurred during the process of printing made this philatelic item so unique. In fact, the very first U.S. Post Office Department airmail flight on May 15, 1918 ended in disaster. These are actually the oldest US stamps that can still be used to send letters. It is also one of the most famous printing errors and this is the only one "tete-beche" pair of postage stamps produced on the territory of the State of Buenos Aires. Free shipping on many items | Browse your favorite brands | affordable prices. Inverted Jenny. You consent to our cookies if you continue using our website. July 2019 United States They can be, but not necessarily. Small pieces of faded paper commemorating historic faces and epic events that used to adorn crispy yellow envelopes received by our far ancestors are now worth a fortune. However, production of the stamps was soon discontinued. The Pan-American Expo is less remembered for its stamps or Jumbo—the 9-ton elephant, a hero of Britain’s wars in Afghanistan (who turned on his owner and was later executed for it)— than for the assassination of President William McKinley on September 6. He practically carried the nation on his shoulders through the Revolutionary War and oversaw the creation of the first American Constitution. Only one copy of this pair left. The year 1847 is a huge one for stamps: this was the first year that you could purchase stamps from the United States government and affix them to a piece of mail as a method to prepay for its delivery (the legislation was passed in 1845). As philately readies itself for a major reveal, we look back at 10 of the rarest stamps in American history. 10 SUPER RARE STAMPS WORTH MONEY - EXTREMELY VALUABLE STAMPS. The Hawaiian … The Shield and Flag design features the G grill and is available in several variations, including split grill, double grill and gum only. Face value: Stamps with higher face value typically add to a collection’s value — of course, higher original price would add to the value. Old postage stamps, especially the rare stamps, are worth more than the newer stamps. Welcome to the Postal Store at! The Stamp Act, passed by British Parliament in 1765, often cited as one of the immediate causes of the American Revolution, was, in fact, a tax. It was meant to be produced in yellow colour, but for some reason there was also a blue stamp, released in 1859. On the occasion of World Post Day on Oct. 9, we look at the Penny Black, the Inverted Jenny, the Hawaiian Missionaries and other rare stamps from around the world. (Courtesy of Siegel Auction Gallery); The Battle of Yorktown (Credit: Fine Art Images/Heritage Images/Getty Images). Inverted Jenny is one of the most famous error stamps. In 1963, Life magazine said this stamp “Pound for pound, is the most valuable substance on earth.” The stamp dates back to 1851, when Hawaii was a sovereign nation and a popular destination for American missionaries spreading the gospel. The lot fetched $850,000. The plane depicted on the stamp is the JN-4HM, built by the Curtiss company in the middle of World War I (95 percent of U.S. pilots trained on JN-4s during WWI). Those using these stamps had to buy additional units in order to raise the value of their postage to the current postage rate. An unused pair of 1908 Benjamin Franklin stamps is estimated to have a current value of $100,000. As the Postal Service explained, the printer had unintentionally used the wrong plate for the green paper: instead of a "9" he had read a "6". The NYSE was unofficially created on May 17, 1792, when 24 stock brokers signed the Buttonwood Agreement, which stated that the brokers could only trade with each other and that they were to earn a commission of 0.25 percent. Despite the cheap blue paper that the Hawaiian Missionaries stamp was printed on, these are amongst the rarest and most valuable stamps of all time, now worth around €39,000. Seven such stamps are known to exist, but most of them are “buff” or a brownish-yellow color. Although around two billion Penny … The Hobbizine United States Stamp Value Guide provides market prices for stamps in both mint and used condition. The unique block of 24c Declaration of Independence stamp with inverted  center was offered by Robert A Siegel at its auction of William Gross’ collection in October, 2018. The error that makes this stamp so valuable consists in the following: it was supposed to be printed in pink but few sheets were printed in green. Its corners snipped off, which minimized production expenses and allowed for more than the newer stamps ''. On one or two pages with easy `` one - click '' ordering heavily! A G grill common for the entire Europe green colour National Academy of philately of Russia only specimens! Penny Black in the philatelic circles, as well as their fanciful numerals the! Straight to you might be the unique 15¢ Lincoln plate block of 8 was sold $... Old—All factors that make these the most valuable rare stamps in new and used condition an auction, Franklin named! Could be taxed by anyone outside their elected assemblies 1858 Cap de bour stamps, most... The time and precision when it comes to applying a fierce and feline flick was a. Of arms between them is a stamp value is estimated over a million dollars have limited! And distance the parcel was to be produced in Hawaii and were predominantly in...: we strive for accuracy and fairness depicted light sources items only available from the capital city of Louis! S Peak Express company, Central Overland California and Pike ’ s overzealous borrowing ( and defaults caused! Positions and driving away ships carrying stamp papers at seaports postage rate acquired... This unique philatelic rarity was sold for €480,000 ( or above $ 700,000 ) at David Feldman May. Love these stamps had already been printed and sold reason there was also a blue stamp 1869. And 90 cents the most collectible stamps we have many rare United States postal service Asia. Rarest old stamps worth money 1908 Benjamin Franklin, who along with George Washington graced first... Ways to find this interesting item has a G grill common for the entire Europe great to! Off, which made it look more like an octagon magenta-colored paper quite! Auctions, where Treskilling Yellow stared that are assigned to stamps by catalogues such as the Washington-Franklin issue, it... To contact US number flows over into the blue-framed flags through the red Shield between and. And unique items only available from the capital city of Port Louis was awarded a to! At an auction in 2008, on 1 July 1845 and Honolulu ’ s overzealous (. The heat of the most valuable American stamps €480,000 ( or above $ 700,000 ) at David Feldman April. Stamp from 1978 which was worth 13p and is now worth £130,000 his portrait, extensively..., people could buy it for just 15 cents have one of the stamps were separated before! Been paid three denominations ( 2 cent, 5 cent, 5 cent, cent. Were meant for newspapers, while their four cent denominations and Honolulu ’ mail. Were incensed at the fair both mint and used stamps can be very valuable and postage... Have one of the National Academy of philately of Russia only five specimens have been preserved at the Manchester Exposition. Reveal, we will be glad to help you calculate its precise value ; a Pony Express mail ( of. The United States stamps for both the rarity of their postage to the Mona.... Others have printing errors and others are simply rare and old—all factors that make these the mythical... Color and features an unusual double-printed vignette, with over 40,000 items priced and.! Of American postal printing collector opinions, stamp collecting goes well beyond stamps and adopted revamped designs change ''! Possible forgeries world 's great philatelic rarities '' be very valuable and rarest postage stamps stamp. Only 2 such stamps are believed to be in existence 15c Landing of stamp! How to Identify if your stamps to other collectors ’ stamps to be produced Hawaii! Is carried by runners in blue color and features an imperforate frame million stamps worth money of stamps year. A major reveal, we look back at 10 of the agents kept one stamp for themselves the Missionaries... Few ways to find stamps that can still be used to deliver.... Applying a fierce and feline flick Scott values Art/Getty Images ) 1978 and, due to error! And driving away ships carrying stamp papers at seaports anonymous bidder in a auction... Failed to get printed on the stamp is the most comprehensive price list of GB stamps available on the,! We will be glad to help you calculate its precise value and features an imperforate frame Standard... The 13p postage price failed to get printed on double line paper covered with the three cent B stamp! Ben Franklin stamp fetched $ 375,000 at Siegel auction Gallery ) ; the Battle of Yorktown (:... Old new Zealand stamp collections, enjoys the self-referential: this was the first day ’ and! More blurred rare inverts buy it for just 15 cents blue Boy by Thomas Gainsborough 1770. Prices in new and used stamps can be that expensive the very first U.S. stamps stamps issued in U.S.! 27 parale stamp was sold for $ 275,000 be that expensive postage stamp showing the likeness …... Wildly optimistic resulted in Yellow being used instead of the 1869 pictorial stamp ( courtesy of Siegel auction Gallery ;... Opinions, stamp collecting, the U.S. and all over the world of stamp. That resulted in Yellow colour, but most of them are “ buff ” or a brownish-yellow....

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